Couriers and payments with Joys Digital
How to teach a courier service to accept cryptocurrencies as payment

Anna Genergart, Director of integration in software

It would seem an impossible task, however, with Joys Digital it is not only possible, but also simple.

Let’s imagine that you are a small pizzeria, which now works mostly for delivery (coronavirus, instructions of the authorities, bailiffs etc).

What needs to be done to allow the courier to accept payment via Joys Digital?

Joys payment type

In order to distinguish orders paid via Joys Digital, you must add "Joys" to the reference list of payment method types. The payment type is non-cash.

On the fiscal receipt, the Joys Digital payment is reflected as a non-cash payment, in accordance with the requirements of the Legislation (Federal Law–54, section "About fiscalization").

How will it work?

The organization is registered in Joys Digital, terminals are generated and activated in the required quantity (by the number of couriers). Couriers on their smartphones (organization's smartphones) install the Joys POS Mobile application. A single mail is defined for couriers to provide reports on Joys Digital payments – a report is downloaded from the application.

The courier delivers the order, in the Joys POS Mobile application generates an invoice for the required amount and shows the QR-code to the client, the client scans the QR-code of the receipt, he pays, the courier sees in the application that the bill has been paid, the client sees in the application that the payment has passed. The courier returns to the restaurant and reports on completed orders (the transaction report is sent to the general mail from the application), the cashier at the checkout closes orders – assigns the type of payment to the order and closes the completed order.

By mail, phone number (depending on the information the restaurant has), POS sends an electronic copy of the check to the customer, for whom the order is closed. In an electronic copy of the check, payment by Joys Digital is non-cash.

Next, reports are closed at the cash desk for the operational day.

Joys Digital makes payments, the restaurant sees the funds on the current account.

There is always but

The courier may make a mistake and enter the wrong amount (the probability is the same as when working with a bank terminal) – before payment you can cancel and resend the invoice, after payment you can make a request for a refund, issue a new invoice and accept the payment.

Funds from the previous payment will be returned to the buyer after processing the request for a refund. That’s not immediately, and this, of course, is complexity.

If necessary, the customer accesses Joys Digital directly from the Joys Wallet app.

The user has all the necessary information to ask a question in support in the app.

The cashier may make a mistake and close the wrong order with the wrong payment method – the payment method is removed from the order and the correct one is assigned.

Reconciliation of all payments made via Joys Digital is made in the merchant's personal account. Additionally, once a month, the merchant receives a report on services rendered – amounts of completed payments.

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