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Fintech project, the product of which is the tools for the implementation of the circulation of accounting units on the basis of a distributed ledger, as well as a payment service for cardless payments in fiat and legal payments in almost any cryptocurrency when buying goods and services.

Our development

JAS. Joys Accounting System

The technology of realization of the management system of accounting units on the basis of the distributed ledger. The functionality of JAS allows you to implement a full cycle of creation, turnover, and withdrawal of accounting units in the form of records in a private distributed ledger, tokens or smart contracts. It also allows you to perform administrative management and client interaction with the system, connect external systems and modules.

It is used in the Center of the digital transformations of the Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs.

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NIPS. New International Payment System

This payment system is a cloud platform of switches of national payment systems of the BRICS countries for cross-border payments in digital format, including blockchain technology. NIPS will be used for seamless integration of national payment systems based on national currencies into the overall payment network through the creation of a single gateway with an open architecture. Joys takes part in the development of a new independent payment system of the BRICS countries.

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Joys Digital

Payment service for legal payments in fiat or any cryptocurrency when buying goods and services in online and retail shops.

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Financial performance


Stages of development

09.2018 First stage
Russia and CIS (Belarus, Kazakhstan), EU (Germany, France, Italy) and the UK
04.2019 Second stage
Southeast Asia (Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong), Africa (Egypt, Republic of South Africa)
10.2019 Third stage
North America (USA)

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