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Intorduction to
the JAS technology

Joys Accounting System is a blockchain network designed to transmit digital value and information about digital transactions between the members of the network. The technology is based on the Ethereum code base.

principles of the architecture

A distributed ledger
There is no need for trusted intermediaries
Support for software contracts (smart contracts)
No single point of failure
Independent tracking of resources used by the members to support the running of the system
Ability to scale

Core functionality

A mechanism for the distribution of internal payment units (tokens), registration of tokenization objects
A mechanism of accounts that allows for the requisite addressing of transactions for identification, verification and authentication of all participants
Flexible settings were implemented, including for the calculation of commissions needed for the operation of the system as well as for the payment for the services provided by the participants when completing transactions
Creation and performance of smart contracts
Use of the open/closed keys technologies to identify instructions in the system

A positive example of
a blockchain community

Using JAS and developing a cryptocurrency payment service we've also developed a private payment system.

This technology is already being used by the Center for Digital Transformations.

We are continuing to expand upon and improve this technology but we're already getting positive feedback. It includes such features as:

  • contactless payment with ultrasound,
  • completely customizable POS system,
  • PoA blockchain network,
  • over 100 transactions per second.

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