Digest #10(18)

Main for September

Buy fresh juice in Moscow City: Berry Fruit Vitamin & Fresh Bar connected to the Joys Wallet

The number of businesses connected to the Joys payment service continues to grow: in September we connected 47th store.

This time – in the most futuristic building in Moscow, in the Federation business center! Now Moscow citizens will be able to refill their energy, by drinking freshly squeezed juice in the morning or during lunch and pay for it with cryptocurrency absolutely legally.

Berry Fruit Vitamin & Fresh Bar offers a wide range of smoothies and fresh juices that are prepared only from natural products without added sugar or syrups. Visit Berry Fruit Vitamin & Fresh Bar and enjoy the convenience of payments in Joys Wallet without thinking about exchanging your digital assets!

Joys Wallet v.3: new version of the app

Our developers work daily to make the Joys Wallet even more functional, practical and convenient. Many sections of the app have been redesigned from scratch. In addition, it became possible to create a cold wallet without passing KYC and a private key that can be saved on your smartphone. As well as improving the speed of the app and a new dark design, at which you can take a look on the screenshots.

The new version of the app will be released very soon. Subscribe to our Telegram channel, to keep up to date with the latest news.

Joys signed agreements with Alfa-Bank and Gazprombank

Joys management held a series of meetings with Alfa-Bank representatives, prepared a business plan and answered questions about the payment service. After signing NDA with the Bank, Alfa-Bank financial monitoring was shown in detail the principles of the Joys payment service.

As a result of the meeting, a cooperation agreement was signed and legal documents were handed over for further work.

A meeting was also held with Gazprombank. Joys management presented a business model of cooperation in Russia and signed a NDA.

Cooperation with Russian banks will contribute to the rapid development of the Joys project in Russia, as well as expand the scope of providing financial services to Joys users and Bank clients.

Ringfinancial OÜ opened an account with Clear Junction and signed an agreement with RNKO «RIB»

In the last issue of the digest, we talked about the acquisition of the second company in Estonia — Ringfinancial OÜ. The purchase of a company is a necessary step to reduce the financial risks of the project and diversify transactions.

In September, Ringfinancial OÜ opened an account in Clear Junction. Clear Junction is a one-stop payment infrastructure service provider. Opening an account enables the Joys payment service to send and receive fiat money.

Ringfinancial OÜ also signed an agreement with our partner in the Russian Federation – RNKO «RIB» for cooperation in processing and clearing payments from Europe to Russia.

Now, after updating the mobile app, it will be possible to purchase goods using digital currencies in Joys Wallet again.

Joys signed a cooperation agreement with Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

Earlier we have already talked about cooperation with PRUE (Plekhanov Russian University of Economics): the Joys team held webinars and lectures for University students and acted as a strategic partner of the All-Russian competition for innovative projects of the PRUE business incubator. Now Joys and the University have entered into an agreement on cooperation in the field of education, practice, internship and employment of students and graduates of the University.

This will enable Joys to attract young qualified personnel, because PRUE is one of the leading Russian economic universities. We will attract high-quality specialists to hold events and work with various projects aimed at developing the Joys payment service.

Joys’ Director of GR and IR Valery Petrov: «Only practice will show how much the DFA law will really help our economy»

In an interview with Finversia.ru, Valery Petrov spoke about the law on digital financial assets, recently adopted by the State Duma: why, for whom, what does the law promise investors, and what should the current owners of cryptocurrencies fear.

In his interview, Valery also spoke about the Joys payment service, calling it a ready-made solution for implementing internal settlements. The full version of the interview is available here (available only in Russian).

Valery Petrov is a specialist in macroeconomics, corporate governance, strategic and financial management, digital economy, IR, GR. He has successful experience in senior positions in major banks, financial companies, educational institutions and government agencies both in Russia and abroad.

In September, Valery joined the Joys team as Director of Investor Relations and Government Relations.

Joys at the «Sustainable Development of the Northern Territories» forum

On September 24, the Joys team took an active part in the forum «Sustainable Development of the Northern Territories», which was held in St. Petersburg. Joys was represented by CEO Andrey Mikhaylishin, Head of Sales Ruslan Konovalov and SMM Nikolay Ziborov.

Andrey made a presentation «Digital technologies to help agro-industrial enterprises» and presented the «URA» marketplace, developed together with RACIB. Ruslan made a presentation on the topic «Consumer cooperation. New solutions for enterprises».

The Joys team also did active networking and discussed plans and joint projects with representatives of RACIB in the North-West District.

Joys and RACIB conveyed their point of view on the scale of the digital economy in Russia and offered their ideas for the development of the economy of the country and regions.

CCO Joys Alexander Shamyan spoke on the «Crypto for beginners» online broadcast

On September 18, Joys’ Commercial Director Alexander Shamyan appeared in the «Crypto for beginners» online broadcast from the «ThinkTank Community» channel. The online meeting was dedicated to payment technologies. The meeting was attended by representatives of various projects who demonstrated their solutions.

Alexander showed how payment through Joys Wallet works in stores on the territory of the Russian Federation and in an online store through acquiring Joys. He also told how it is possible to set and pay for goods using QR codes.

We invite you to watch the broadcast recording at this link (available only in Russian). We promise it will be interesting!

Analytics of JOYS rate for September

Daily chart of JOYS/USDT pair for September from p2pb2b exchange

During September, the price of JOYS relative to USDT held in the range from 0.0068 to 0.0089. From September 22 to 24, the JOYS coin showed a steady increase from 0.0075 to 0.0089.

Daily chart of JOYS/BTC pair for September from p2pb2b exchange

In a pair with BTC, the JOYS coin was held in the range from 54 to 80 Satoshi. From September 18 to 20, JOYS increased from 54 to 72 Satoshi, after which from September 22 to 24, similar to the JOYS/USDT pair, it continued to grow from 70 to 80 Satoshi.


See you in the next month!

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