Digest #11(19)

Main for October

We have signed agreements with Modulbank and MCB

In the last issue of our digest, we announced that Joys has signed agreements with Alfa-Bank and Gazprombank. Working with these banks remains one of Joys' top priorities. Joys management continued its cooperation with Russian banks and signed agreements with Modulbank and Moscow Credit Bank.

In October, CEO Joys Andrey Mikhailishin met via videoconference with Artem Avetisyan, Director of the “New business” division of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, and presented Joys' unique solutions. As a result, a second meeting was held with the participation of CVO Joys Vladimir Tolmachev and specialists of Modulbank. After the meeting, an NDA was signed and work began with the bank's specialists to find synergies in joint work.

Also last month, we prepared and sent a cooperation offer to the Moscow Credit Bank. Working with MCB has a particular interest to Joys, as this partnership opens up our prospects for cooperation with Rosneft.

We also started working with the European division of Mastercard and Mastercard Lab in Dublin. We will discuss the goals and results of this work in the next issues of our digest.

Cooperation with Russian banks and Mastercard will contribute to the rapid development of the Joys project in Russia and Europe, as well as expand the scope of providing financial services to Joys users and bank clients.

The Moscow restaurant «Mr. Lebanese» is connected to the Joys payment service

We continue to connect various restaurants and stores. Today the «Mr. Lebanese», Moscow restaurant of Lebanese cuisine, has been connected to the Joys payment service.

In the restaurant you can try such unusual dishes as maza, mashaoui and laffa, as well as dine on more familiar dishes: falafel, Lebanese cheese, steak. And, of course, drink a cup of aromatic coffee.

After the release of the 3rd version of Joys Wallet, you will be able to pay with digital financial assets for purchases in «Mr. Lebanese», as well as in dozens of other connected stores. The new version of the app will be released very soon. Subscribe to our telegram channel to keep up to date with the latest updates.

Joys and Сrystal Service have completed the development of the payment module for Set Retail 10

In our July digest, we told that Joys has signed a contract with Crystal Service to develop a payment module. In October, the work was completed: the Joys module will be available for download in the Set Retail store management system in version

We remind that after the update will be released, all customers of Set Retail (including «Perekrestok», «Auchan», «585», «Petshop» and other well-known companies) will be able to connect to the Joys payment service and start using digital assets when paying.

The Joys payment service is integrated as an integral part of the store's management system. At the same time, the actions of cashiers will remain as simple as in the case of processing card payments.

The RSPP сommission for interaction with the Eurasian Economic Commission supported the Joys initiative on the development of the EEU Pay

On October 20, CEO Joys Andrey Mikhaylishin and Joys’ GR&IR Director Valery Petrov spoke at a meeting of the Integration Council of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) on interaction with the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) with the theme «On the creation of an interstate financial settlement system».

In the report, Andrey and Valery spoke about the problems of regulating financial settlements for the EEU countries and the advantages of the national payment system, as well as demonstrated the model of the independent payment infrastructure of the EEU Pay.

The Board supported the idea and made a recommendation to work out the technical details with RSPP experts and submit the project for approval. As a result, we held a working meeting with Oleg Mikhailovich Preksin, Vice-President of the Association of Russian Banks (ARB) and Chairman of the ARB's international activities committee, where we confirmed our commitment to professional work together and agreed on the EEU Pay roadmap.

Joys sponsored the Russian floorball championship. The Champions received 100,000 JOYS

On October 11, the Russian floorball championship of the 2019/2020 season in the Highest League came to an end in Nizhny Novgorod. In the finale of the championship, the team of the Arkhangelsk region «Pomor» took first place.

The Joys payment service and RACIB each credited 50,000 JOYS to the Pomor team account, which is equivalent to approximately 60,000 rubles at the current exchange rate.

We have already told you about our cooperation with the National Floorball Federation of Russia in the digest for July. For us, the award of the winner of the Russian floorball championship is the first experience of real cooperation with sports federations.

«Digital ruble: when to expect it and what it can change» – opinion of CEO Joys Andrey Mikhaylishin

Recently, the Central Bank introduced the concept of a national virtual currency.

Joys CEO Andrey Mikhaylishin shared his opinion on this issue, and also gave answers to the following questions: when can the digital ruble appear and why does the Central Bank need it, as well as told about its pros and cons. We invite you to read Andrey's comment:

«If desired, the Central Bank of Russia can start testing the digital ruble in 2021. I believe that the Central Bank did not want to issue a digital ruble, since there is no internal need for it. And since almost all of our main trading partners (China and the European Union) we have already experimented with our own national digital currencies and outlined the exact timing of the release of retail digital currencies.I believe that the Central Bank was forced to react and at least suggest discussing the issue of the digital ruble.

In accordance with article 75 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, monetary issuance is carried out exclusively by the Central Bank of Russia. Therefore, the digital ruble can also be issued only by the Central Bank.


  • The sooner the digital ruble appears, the lower the cost of rebuilding the financial system will be, and it will be cheaper for the country and for business. Of course, this will also speed up and reduce the cost of payments, especially for businesses.
  • The introduction of the digital ruble will not be immediate, but in the future it will lead to an acceleration of economic growth, and the turnover of money in the country will increase.
  • And, of course, this will open the way to settlements in the world of the Internet of things (IoT) – this is not possible without the digital ruble.

But without a realignment of the country's economy to digital technologies, the potential benefits may still remain unrealized.


  • The digital ruble assumes that all accounts with it will be opened by a single Issuer – the Central Bank. In this regard, the issue of the digital ruble entails a cardinal restructuring of the banking system and banking business. This increases the risk, and what it can lead to is unknown.
  • Anonymity: you can forget about it completely: all transactions will be visible, and all users of the digital ruble must be verified.
  • Centralization. It deprives retail banks of their main earnings: earning on deposits, issuing digital rubles, as well as servicing private and corporate clients.»

CEO Joys Andrey Mikhaylishin made a presentation «Cultural evolution 2.0»

In his report, Andrey spoke about the «SCIENCE TALENT» platform, developed jointly with the ANO «Laboratory of humanitarian projects». The platform is aimed at supporting scientists who are authors of scientific papers, books and articles and can be easily adapted to support cultural and heritage objects.

The main idea is to publish an unique smart contract for each object, which contains information about the rules for distributing donations.

Interview of Joys GR Director Valery Petrov «Digitalization and Russia's place in the new reality»

We invite you to watch the new interview of Joys' GR&IR Director Valery Petrov on the YouTube channel «Find the Mammoth» at this link (available only in Russian). In it Valery shared his opinion on the following topics:

  • what is waiting for Russia in the new digital future;
  • how can you use Bitcoin for the benefit of the state budget;
  • what the country lacks for development.

Valery is a specialist in macroeconomics, corporate governance, strategic and financial management, digital economy, IR, GR. In September, he joined the Joys team as Director of Investor and Government Relations.

ETH and ETC mining on video cards with 4 GB memory will become impossible in December. It's time to switch to JOYS

For miners we have two pieces of news: good and bad. Let's start with the bad news: the DAG file for Ethereum will reach the 4 GB mark as early as December 23, 2020 (block 11,519,999). The DAG file for Ethereum Classic will reach the 4 GB mark even earlier – on October 31 of this year. This also leads to the inability to mine Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) on all video cards with 4 GB of video memory. Miners with video cards of this amount of memory will soon have to hoard for a new farm.

But there is also good news: on 4 GB of video cards, you can mine the JOYS cryptocurrency until May 13, 2023! The complexity of the network at the end of October 2020 is about 110 GH (Gigahashes), and the average hashrate of the network is 8.5 GH per second. You can always find up-to-date information at this link.

It is very easy to start mining the JOYS cryptocurrency: beginners just need to download the proprietary reticule utility from our website. Advanced miners can use HiveOS, Mineros, Raveos, or almost any other miner with support for the Ethash algorithm. By the way, HiveOS has recently officially supported the JOYS coin and mining is configured in just 4 clicks. You can mine solo or in a pool. The official pool is located at: http://pool.joys.digital/. JOYS also supports pools from this list (thank you for your trust and support!):

You can trade the JOYS cryptocurrency on the p2pb2b and LATOKEN exchanges.

Analytics of the JOYS rate for October

Daily chart of the JOYS/USDT pair for October from the p2pb2b exchange

During most days in October, the price of JOYS was above the important and very significant mark of $ 0.007.

Daily chart of the JOYS/BTC pair for October from the p2pb2b exchange

The JOYS/BTC pair was in the range of 63 to 72 Satoshi in October. On the day of publication of the digest for September, the JOYS coin showed a strong growth, which indicates a certain positive reaction of traders to our news :) Towards the end of the month, the pair's exchange rate became lower due to the powerful growth of BTC over $ 12,000.


See you in the next month!

Joys team