Digest #12(20)

Main for November

We restarted Joys: payments and exchanger works again, also we have added new features and sections in the app

A long pause in the work of the payment service and the exchanger has ended. These features are now available again. On July 10, we had to stop all services related to opening new wallets and exchanging cryptocurrency due to the revocation of our license by the Estonian regulator. This was a massive license revocation in Estonia, and 500 projects lost the ability to continue working. Since we are creating a completely legal history, we had to disable all the features of the service which needs a license. At the same time, all users still had full access to their funds, so users could deposit and withdraw funds from their wallets.

While part of the team was working on the payment infrastructure, the other part was actively updating the technical platform and mobile app. The new Joys Wallet app is already available in AppStore, Google Play and HUAWEI AppGallery with a dark design, new functionality and new services.

In addition to pay in stores, you can now pay for various services and deposit mobile balances of MegaFon, Beeline, MTS, Tele2, Tinkoff mobile operators. Non-cash deposit of funds using bank requisites has also become available. We will constantly increase the number of services available for payment directly in the app. In addition, Joys Wallet will feature wallets that can be opened without passing KYC/AML procedures, but they will only be available to store your assets. For exchanges and purchases, KYC/AML will remain mandatory.

We have prepared the Joys architecture for the introduction of new products, such as DeFi investments, getting a loan, etc. We will start adding them in the coming months.

We have also launched the «Offers» tab, which contains special offers from our partner stores: when paying for purchases with Joys Wallet, you can get a discount or a gift from the institution. For example, when buying jewelry in Roberto Bravo and Chekotin Jewerly using Joys Wallet, you will receive a 15% discount on the entire range, in the M-CITY restaurant you will get a free dish depending on the amount of your check. The full list of promotions can be found on our website, as well as in the Joys Wallet app in the «Offers» tab.

We will continue to pleasantly surprise the Joys users by providing new, unique, and best-in-class financial products in the crypto industry. It's time to be the best - time to use Joys!

Mono-confectionery «BrownieMama» is connected to the Joys payment service

For all lovers of sweets in Moscow, we have prepared great news – the mono-confectionery «BrownieMama» on Nikolskaya street, 10 is connected to the Joys payment service!

Now you can choose from 20+ different types of delicious handmade Belgian chocolate brownies and pay for your purchase with our Joys payment service! Just imagine: the currency is virtual, but the threat is real!

You can see the detailed information about the mono-confectionery in the «Stores» section of the Joys Wallet application or on our website.

The Joys module for the «Set Retail 10» store management system is available for installation

Now all customers of the «Set Retail» store management system (including «Perekrestok», «Auchan», «585», «Petshop» and other well-known companies) can connect to the Joys payment service and start to use digital assets for payment!

In the October digest, we already wrote that the Joys module will be available for download in the «Set Retail» store management system in version The new version of Set Retail has already been released and you can download it via this link.

The Joys payment service is integrated as an integral part of the store's management system. At the same time, the actions of cashiers will remain as simple as in the case of processing card payments.

We have formed a partnership with «CS-Cart» company to develop the Joys payment module for marketplaces and online stores

After completing the module development for «Set Retail», we continue to integrate the Joys payment service into the new store management systems. In order to expand the list of stores compatible with Joys and to increase the reach of potential customers, we partnered with «CS-Cart» company in November.

«CS-Cart» is a functional engine for an online store and marketplace. It already has 35,000 online stores, and all of them will be able to connect to the Joys payment service after the development is complete and start accepting digital assets to pay for goods and services.

We plan to release a payment module for online stores and marketplaces in December.

Maria Agranovskaya and her team («GRAD» Moscow Collegium of Advocates) have become our partners for legal tasks

Maria Agranovskaya and her team of lawyers сhave become our partners for legal tasks. Our cooperation with Maria and her team includes comprehensive legal support for the Joys payment service in Russia, as well as international legal support for the project in other jurisdictions.

Maria Agranovskaya is a leading expert in Russia on blockchain regulation, FinTech and international law, a lawyer, and a member of the expert Council of The State Duma. Work experience is more than 20 years.

The positive experience of our cooperation began in 2017 – at the very beginning of the Joys path in preparation for the ICO.

Now you can add the JOYS coin to your Metamask wallet

How do I add the JOYS cryptocurrency to the Metamask wallet? It’s easy and simple, just 4 steps! Because we added the Joys network and the JOYS coin to the EVM Networks, the Joys network will be recognized in the Metamask wallet when adding a JOYS coin, and a warning about an unknown network will not appear.

  1. Click on the Metamask icon. Left-click on the «Ethereum Mainnet» button. Switch Metamask to Custom PRC.
  2. «Settings - Networks» window will open.
  3. Next, fill in the information below in these fields:
    Network Name: JOYS
    New RPC URL: https://node.joys.digital
    Chain ID: 35855456
    Symbol (optional): JOYS
    Block Explorer URL (optional): https://explorer.joys.digital/
    And click «Save».
  4. Congratulations, you have created the JOYS wallet! You can see the JOYS wallet address above.

Joys payment service became a strategic partner of the All-Russian competition of innovative projects 2020

As Steve Jobs said, «Innovation distinguishes a leader from a follower». And we fully support him in this. We are always happy to support any creative activity by holding various competitions for young talents and students, in which we award the winners with prizes in JOYS.

The Russian operator of Joys payment service, «Digital Payments» LLC became a strategic partner of the All-Russian competition of innovative projects 2020, held by the Business Incubator of the Directorate for Science and Innovation of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. The RACIB Association was also a partner of the competition. Andrey Mikhaylishin, General Director of «Digital Payments» LLC and CEO Joys, was also an expert and member of the jury of the competition.

In the final held yesterday, November 25, 6 projects were presented.

The winner by a wide margin was the «PakhomovPicturesProduction MediaStudio» project (production of videos, motion design, photo sessions).

The second place was taken by the «LetsPub» Platform for Digitalization and Optimization of Scientific Publications.

Third place is the «WAY» Digital User Training Ecosystem.

All winners were awarded certificates and prizes in JOYS, and «PakhomovPicturesProduction MediaStudio» also received from us an additional cool smartphone – Redmi Note 8 Pro.

The smartest entrepreneurial students are already using Joys, so join us! Be the best – use Joys!

Analytics of the JOYS rate for November

The cost of JOYS increased by 4% in November. The price met with resistance at the level of $ 0.0085. Just at this level, the entire month was the sale of miners. On November 26, the price tested the axis of the month – $ 0.0073, hitting the level of support and good volumes. At the moment, we have two levels of support, from which, according to our analysts, it is possible to make purchases.


See you in the next month!

Joys team