Digest #1(22)

Main for January

The first month of January passed imperceptibly for many people due to the long New Year and Christmas holidays. The Joys team also recharged the strength for the current year. Most of the team was on holiday this year.

But a smaller number of working days in a month is a reason for us to do more. And we can't wait to show you the results of our project for January.

By the way, from this issue we start talking about our team members in the new rubric – «The Joys Team». In it we will tell you about our hobbies and interesting aspects of our personal lives, when we have time for it. We will start from our CEO – Andrey Mikhaylishin. While most of our team spent the holidays in a family circle, Andrey improved his mountaineering skills and climbed the Altai peaks in -40°C.

Alfa-Bank opened a current account for «Ringfinancial OÜ»

We continue to expand the infrastructure of the Joys payment service in Russia. Alfa-Bank has opened a payment account for one of our Estonian companies – «Ringfinancial OÜ». This is necessary to diversify financial flows. Thus, our two companies – «Ringfinancial OÜ» and «Joys Platform OÜ» become interchangeable.

Two registered companies in Estonia and two independent payment infrastructures will significantly reduce the operational risks of the project.

Joys operator in Russia, «Digital Payments» LLC, became a member of the program of the Moscow Department of entrepreneurship and innovative development «StartHub»

We continue to reach new heights and confidently qualify for business-friendly support programs. At the end of December, we were selected for the most innovative complex in Russia, «SKOLKOVO». And the Ministry of Digital development of the Russian Federation has accredited us as a Russian IT company.

And on January 26, we passed all the selection stages and were selected for residency in the «StartHub». program. It includes comprehensive business development mechanics (marketing, sales, investment), expert support, industry events and networking.

The program is supported by the Moscow Department of entrepreneurship and innovative development and the Moscow innovation agency.

StarHub resident status gives us the following advantages:

  • networking with corporations and investors (pitch sessions, business breakfasts, thematic events);
  • free startup development program: workshops, webinars, tracking;
  • marketing research, analytics, and other services;
  • training and expert sessions (consultations of venture experts, mentoring).

In total, 956 applications were submitted for residency in StartHub, only slightly more than 10% of which were selected – and we deservedly were among them. You can view a list of all past companies at this link.

Joys payment service added to the list of popular «awesome-blockchain» blockchain services on GitHub

Joys payment service has been added to the moderated list of popular blockchain services and exchanges «awesome-blockchain» on GitHub. You can check it here. Being in the list called «Awesome Blockchain» makes us happy twice.

We expect that appearing on the «awesome-blockchain» list will draw the attention of the GitHub audience to our project, as well as improve the indexing of our site in search.

We have signed a cooperation agreement with «Mera Capital Group» LLC

Joys operator in Russia, «Digital Payments» LLC, has signed an agreement with «Mera Capital Group» LLC to develop an investor's personal account. «Mera Capital» company is a professional participant in the securities market which carries out investment consulting activities and is licensed by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Upon completion of development, all Joys Wallet users will be able to stake their cryptocurrencies in «Mera Capital». Staking, in simple words, is an analog of a Bank Deposit, at the end of which the client receives his deposit along with additional interest.

We plan to complete the development of the «Mera Capital» investor's personal account at the end of February. And this is just the beginning of cooperation between our companies. Other products will also be available in the future. Stay tuned!

Webinar «How to use loyalty programs to increase your business revenue»

On January 28, a free webinar «How to use loyalty programs to increase your business revenue» was held. It was held in Zoom. The video from the webinar will be uploaded to our YouTube channel soon.

Participants of the webinar found out:

  • why do some loyalty programs work and why others don't work;
  • what are the current trends in the loyalty sphere;
  • how loyalty programs allow businesses to earn more.

The webinar showed successful cases implemented by the Joys payment service team, as well as demonstrated simple algorithms on how to earn on customer’s loyalty with Joys.

The webinar was hosted by Lev Shemetov, Head of communication with partners, and Ruslan Konovalov, Head of sales. In the end of the webinar, all participants have received discounts on activating the loyalty program.

We participated in the Asian Financial Forum 2021

CMO Joys Vladislav Gavrilyuk presented the Joys payment service at the Asian Financial Forum 2021 as part of the Deal Flow. The forum was held on January 18-19 in Hong Kong.

Deal Flow is a session of the Asian Financial Forum, which opens up unique opportunities for communication between investors and project owners from all over the world. Due to the pandemic, the session was held in an online format for the first time.

As a result of the Forum, we met with potential investors and companies, 7 of which were interested in the project and left their contacts for further interaction.

We have also completed the process of collecting documents for opening a Joys representative office in Hong Kong as part of the development of our payment service abroad.

«We are on the threshold of an era of changing the form of money» – the opinion of CEO Joys Andrey Mikhaylishin for the Financial Newspaper

On January 20, the Financial Newspaper published a new article by CEO Joys Andrey Mikhaylishin. In it, Andrey shared his opinion on the future of fiat money and the current situation in the cryptocurrency market.

Over the past two months, the cryptocurrency market has not left anyone indifferent – neither professional investors or ordinary citizens. Overcoming the historical highs of the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum, the growth of the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies over $ 1 trillion…

What will happen next? Read the expert opinion of Andrey Mikhaylishin at this link (available only in Russian).

Analytics of the JOYS rate for January

Daily chart of the JOYS/USDT pair from the LATOKEN exchange for January

After the price declined to $ 0.009, the downward momentum was absorbed and the tops were updated. The price correction has begun up to the starting level, and as we approach it, we can see strong interest in the JOYS coin for this price again. Strong price fluctuations were no longer observed – the market fixes the level and finds a balance of forces.

On January 26, there was an attempt to move the price to the bottom. But the JOYS coins were bought back quickly enough, due to which they created a new directional trend and at the moment there is a repeated retest of the price of this formed level of demand.

The lateral structure of the chart primarily indicates that the price is fixed above the psychologically difficult level of $ 0.01 per JOYS. We can see several trading levels highlighted in green and red, which are relevant at the moment, from which you can build your further trading ideas.

If the JOYS coin breaks the $ 0.013 level, it is quite likely that the price will rise to the peak in January.

The Joys team.
CEO Andrey Mikhaylishin

Andrey has long been fond of hiking in the mountains and even has a mountaineer's book with the III sports category. Andrey will tell you more about mountaineering and how it helps in life and business in another issue. Today there will be a story about what it's like to go to the mountains in Siberia in winter.

We decided to celebrate this New year in the mountains. Ans not just in the mountains, but in the Altai, in one of the oldest Alpine camps – on Aktra (founded in 1936). The weather forecast gave up to -50℃ in the village of Kurai, which is 35 km lower from the camp. I will say right away that it was warmer in the camp – only -36℃, but in the mountains there was colder and windy.

Alpinists gathering is like a barrack discipline and a lot of responsible work in the classroom: rock, ice, medicine, first aid, sports training. But the most interesting thing is always climbing. And before that there was a New Year's celebration, hundreds of kilometers away from big cities, among eternal snow, rocks and ice!

We went to the ascent every time at 5 AM in the morning, woke up at 3:30 AM to do some things (in -35℃ this is a fun activity), got dressed, had breakfast and at 4:50 AM stood in full formation. And in the evening before that – work out the route, get permission from the doctor, the chief instructor, the safety officer and the instructor.

The first mountain is Karatash, difficulty category 2A, height – 3,535 m, the camp is at an altitude of 2,150 m, so a set of 1,400 meters per day is very decent, even in winter, in a strong frost. But how beautiful are the mountains in winter! And how the snow creaks! The sticks make a sound like Chewbacca is trying to tell you something. It must have been voiced with sticks in the creaking, frosty snow)))

At 12:20 PM, we were at the top a little tired, but happy and satisfied. Along the way, we jumped over cracks in places, climbed firn, snow and ice, and a little on rocks. And how extraordinarily beautiful is to meet the dawn high in the mountains! It's like a glass of water spills across the sky and the black paint fades a little, turns blue, and then successively from red to soft pink, sparse clouds are painted, reflecting in sparkling snow, which turns into billions of sparkling diamonds scattered around with sunrise. And you walk along this sparkling, creaking road, overcoming yourself and the cold, enjoying the beauty. Just before dawn, a breeze began to blow, even more refreshing than the bitter cold and invigorating as ten cups of coffee. From the top, we had a beautiful view of the North Chui ridge and the Kurai valley, surrounded by the Altai mountains, white caps and pointed peaks stretching to the horizon.

We went to the second mountain – Kzyltash, along the route of difficulty 3A, height – 3486 m in 2 days. The trail started directly from the camp and went steeply up to the Uchitel pass. Beyond the pass, a little lower down, lay an almost level plateau, which, in the dark, almost on a whim, we had to overcome. It's amazing: at such an altitude and almost flat plateau. There was no trail, but the snow was hard packed by the wind, and it was easy to walk. Plateau abruptly broke on to the glacier, flowing down from Kzyltash and the surrounding mountains. So sorry to go down when you know that then all this distance and even more will need to climb up again. Almost immediately on this descent, my stick broke (the consequences of medical classes: they used it in a stretcher made of improvised materials and it could not withstand the weight of the doctor). For the rest of the route, I used an ice pick asmy fourth fulcrum. On the glacier, we had to take turns following the trail, in some places the snow was waist-deep. And so dawn came as we worked our way through the deep snow. But this time we did not see the glittering jewels scattered at our feet, for we were trampling in a deep ravine where the low winter sun could not reach. The approach to the foot of the mountain took 6.5 hours. After another 3 hours, we were at the top. We went up the snow-ice couloir with a steepness of up to 50 degrees. After jumping over the bergschrund, passing the alley crossing, a steep narrow ridge with snow-covered eaves. And again this fabulous, harsh and beautiful world of the snow queen, which opened up to us from the top. The journey home to camp seemed interminably long.

I am often asked: why do I suffer hardships, go to winter in a warm summer, put up with the lack of basic living conditions, spend money and time, carry heavy backpacks, get exhausted, sometimes even to the point of trembling in my legs. There is no response.

But it is worth once to go this way and be at the top… In front of a huge expanse, volume; just to see, feel, realize this greatness, beauty and power! And then everything will become clear; then everyone will find the answers to all the questions and understand what is truly valuable in life and why people go to the mountains.


See you in the next month!

Joys team