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Main for February

4 new stores connected to the Joys payment service

In February we connected a mining hotel, boutique atelier, Italian cuisine cafe and coffee shop to our payment service.

Mining hotel «A-XBT» offers some of the best conditions on the market for profitable placement of ASICs and mining farms. Only 3.1 rubles per kWh on the «All inclusive» system: installation and delivery of equipment, diagnostics and repairs.

Boutique studio «Zoletto» knows how to sew a stylish men's suit and shirt according to individual standards with emphasis on details. That is why «Zoletto» is among the top 10 ateliers according to GQ, and its clients include politicians, businessmen and celebrities. The boutique studio guarantees a perfect fit for 1 year.

Now you can use your digital assets in Joys Wallet to enjoy delicious dishes such as chiquetti and risotto. Fans of classic Italian cuisine will also find traditional dishes such as pasta, pizza and much more.

A coffee shop with a premium interior and a view of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. You will definitely enjoy strong author's coffee. «Start Hub» coffee shop is located in the same name networking site on Red October in the center of Moscow.

You can find more detailed information about establishments in the «Stores» section of the Joys Wallet app or on our website.

Joys Operator in Russia, «Digital Payments» LLC, has become a Skolkovo resident

It's done! At the end of December, we were happy that our application received the majority of votes of the Skolkovo Expert Board Commission. Since then, we have brought our charter and other company documents into compliance with the Skolkovo Foundation standards and applied for recognition of «Digital Payments» LLC as a Skolkovo participant (resident).

On February 10, 2021 we received this status. You can view our page In the Skolkovo Navigator at this link.

Thanks to the residency in Skolkovo, the Joys payment service will be able to develop more actively both in the CIS and abroad.

Immediately after receiving the residency, we started working together with Skolkovo experts to improve the ecosystem of Joys products. We have several key works to do:

  1. Building communications within Skolkovo participants in the process, project manager of the IT cluster, accounting, heads of grant areas;
  2. Participation in grants for project development: grants for compensation of intellectual property costs, grants for marketing activities;
  3. Refocusing the Joys project in the direction of fintech infrastructure for the possibility of creating your own business on our base;
  4. Choosing a model for project commercialization and international development;
  5. Work on the marketing plan and list of works on intellectual property;
  6. Attracting investment.

«Digital Payments» LLC has become an official partner of PromsvyazBank

Tell me who your partner is and I'll tell you who you are!

From now on, «Digital Payments» LLC has become an official partner of Promsvyazbank. You can see the certificate here (available only in Russian).

What does it give us? Now we can officially connect businesses, individual entrepreneurs and companies to the Fast Payments System (FPS) using Joys solutions.

Cherry on the cake: after connecting the FPS, the business will be able to accept payments through the Joys payment service. This means that we will have more partner stores where it will be possible to pay using the Joys Wallet mobile app. We continue to evolve the digital economy in Russia.

We have signed an NDA with Uralsib Bank

Last December, we applied for a corporate acceleration program «URALSIB Tech 2021». We passed an online interview and received confirmation that our technological solutions are suitable for launching a pilot project with the Bank. We had the opportunity to present our solution to the Bank's top managers at an online pitch that took place on February 12. As a result, Uralsib became interested in our project, and we moved on to a more detailed interaction, which required the parties to sign an NDA. This is not yet a commercial agreement, but it is the first step towards mutually beneficial cooperation between Joys and the Bank.

A pilot project with the Bank will allow businesses to connect to the Fast Payment System (FPS) through our existing integration solutions.

We expect that the operator of Joys in Russia, «Digital Payments» LLC, will become a technology partner of Uralsib in connecting businesses to the FPS in the near future.

We have signed a contract with the «Arsenal» insurance company

The real-life scope of digital assets continues to expand!

Yesterday, on February 4, we signed an agreement with «Arsenal Insurance Company» LLC. Now the company's insurance products will be available for purchase to the users of the Joys payment service.

«Arsenal» provides a wide range of insurance services. The company was founded in 1997, and its authorized capital exceeds 1 billion rubles. In a few months you will have the opportunity to choose, order and pay for insurance directly in the Joys Wallet app.

Ostap Bender was right: only an insurance policy can give a person complete peace of mind.

Joys payment service can become a technological solution for BRICS Pay

We continue to work closely with the BRICS Business Council and create New International Payment Systems. The Council considers the Joys payment service as a possible technological solution for the implementation of the BRICS Pay project.

This is written in the BRICS annual report for 2020 (p. 34): «On the Russian side, Joys offers its technical solutions for working with digital assets <…> and is waiting to establish relationships with settlement payment organizations in other BRICS countries».

Earlier in 2018, the BRICS Business Council already considered Joys and other technologies. As of 2018, only Joys has remained from the list of projects to date. Now the BRICS Business Council considers Joys not only as an infrastructure for implementing BRICS Pay, but also as a processing platform that allows working with digital currencies and stablecoins.

Now one of the main tasks for us is to scale the service. It is important for us to connect more partner stores and then our position will become even more confident.

You can also help us and become a Joys Agent. The program details are available at this link.

We took part in the conference of the Moscow Innovation Agency «Financial Market Innovations»

Digital finance is increasingly being integrated into traditional financial systems every day.

On February 26, CEO Joys Andrey Mikhaylishin spoke as part of a pitch session at the Financial Market Innovations conference, organized by the Moscow Innovation Agents. The event took place in the «Start Hub Expo» space on the territory of Red October.

Andrey in his presentation «Innovative Payment Infrastructure» spoke about the benefits of working with Joys for banks. We have added the Fast Payment System and the digital ruble to digital currencies.

Our employees organized a stand, where the conference visitors got to know Joys personally. We also held successful negotiations with business representatives for connecting to the Fast Payments System and connecting loyalty programs.

To the moon is one step closer!

CEO Joys Andrey Mikhaylishin spoke at the Eurasian Private Equity Investment Forum

Our CEO continues to regularly speak at new conferences, presenting the Joys payment service and our other innovative products. This time on February 27, he was a speaker at the Eurasian Investment Forum of Private Equity.

First, Andrey spoke from the stage of the forum with the topic «Preconditions for the emergence and world experience of introducing digital currencies of central banks», telling the public about the forms of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) and about the attitude of various states towards them.

At the end of his speech, Andrey presented Joys as an ecosystem of new generation financial infrastructure services. Joys provides an opportunity to use a ready-made set of services for creating fintech startups: integration into POS systems, banks, payments, data, blockchain, smart contracts.

Later on the same day, Andrey spoke at the round table of the forum, discussing with other experts the volume of the market and the regulation of the turnover of digital currencies in Russia.

Analytics of the JOYS rate for February

Daily chart of the JOYS/USDT pair for February from the LATOKEN exchange

After the pullback to $ 0.01, the price made repeated waves of growth, while correcting each time directly to the very axis of the month. When approaching the axis, we see interest in the coin for $ 0.01 again.

The correction of bitcoin to the dollar also has a significant impact on the price.

The sideways structure of the chart once again confirms the price consolidation above the psychologically difficult level of $ 0.01 for JOYS. We can see several actual trading levels, highlighted in green and red, from which you can build your trading ideas.

If the JOYS price breaks out at $ 0.013, it is very likely that the price will rise to the formed peak of January – $ 0.0137.

The Joys team.
CMO Vladislav Gavrilyuk

Vladislav has been a CMO in the Joys team since 2018. He is responsible for marketing of the project and for the expansion of the Joys payment service in Asia. Vladislav regularly attends various conferences and easily establishes professional contacts with new people. He has almost 20,000 contacts on LinkedIn. Vladislav is also a member of various groups and crypto communities with a total number of more than 5 million members.

CEO Andrey Mikhaylishin, CMO Vladislav Gavrilyuk, SMM Nikolay Ziborov at the «Blockchain Life 2020» Сonference in Moscow

But the category «The Joys team» is not about work, but about hobbies outside of working hours. Here Vladislav also has something to brag about. In his spare time, he likes to paint.

At the age of 5, Vladislav began drawing comics, and at the age of 12 he became a participant in an art exhibition in the house of Officers of the Taman Division.

At the age of 28, Vladislav began painting oil paintings based on the Spanish painting technique of Jose M Parramon. Main style-painting, backgammon painting Valeggio Style. Graphic – Surrealism. Vladislav's paintings participated in various exhibitions.

Vlad's favorite paintings are the Winter Studies series.

A series of paintings by Vladislav Gavrilyuk «Winter studies»


See you in the next month!

Joys team