Digest #4(25)

Main for April

Joys Wallet – we have added USDT and ERC-20 tokens support

Now you can deposit USDT to your Joys Wallet account! In the latest update 2.8.10, we added the ability to create a USDT wallet on the Ethereum network, as well as support for ERC-20 tokens.

To create a USDT wallet, click on the wallet icon in the upper-right corner of the home screen, and then select «Create a new wallet» – USDT wallet at the bottom. It's done! Now you can store your crypto funds in the most popular USDT stablecoin.

We also opened the possibility for ERC-20 standard tokens to be listed in the Joys Wallet mobile wallet. To discuss the listing of your coin, write us an email – eeinfo@joysdigital.ee.

Joys FPS – we started connecting retail and service companies to the Fast Payment System

If you live in Russia, you probably have already appreciated the convenience of the Fast Payment System (FPS) when transferring money to your friends by mobile phone number.

The essence of FPS is payment using a QR code. For businesses, connecting to the FPS is an excellent solution, because money is credited to the account all the time in 15 seconds, and the commission is as much as 4 times cheaper than card acquiring.

The Joys operator in Russia, Digital Payments LLC, has launched an FPS for settlements between individuals and businesses with advanced functionality.

We offer an expanded Joys product range with the following benefits:

  • up to + 5% of revenue due to the implementation of a branded mobile app;
  • up to + 15% of revenue from the delivery system;
  • up to + 20% of revenue due to the introduction of loyalty programs (bonus, discount, coalition, etc.);
  • ready-made integration solutions in cash register software and fast connection for free.

You can learn more about Joys FPS on our website (available only in Russian).

Joys is also negotiating with its European partners and the National Payment Card System (NPCS) to distribute the FPS on the territory of the European Union.

In addition, we plan to become the largest integrator of the Fast Payment System for retail and service enterprises in Russia.

Joys became a partner of the Center of Financial Technologies (CFT) for connecting FPS

We started working with the Center of Financial Technologies to integrate the Fast Payment System into cash solutions for banks using CFT Group products, which are already used by more than 60 banks.

Center of Financial Technologies is a group of companies that have been working in the field of information technologies for the financial sector since 1991. To connect to the FPS Bank, you need two solutions.

The first solution is integration with the National Payment Card System (NPCS), which is provided by the CFT Group of companies.

The second one is a solution for retail and service enterprises («Last Mile»). For CFT, we will provide this «Last Mile» for integration into the cash register software of the retail and service companies.

Joys is included in the list of startups accredited by the Moscow Innovation Agency

We continue to open up new opportunities and confidently pass the selection process for business-friendly support programs. Today, Joys Operator in Russia, Digital Payments LLC, has become an officially accredited technology company in the Moscow startup ecosystem.

Accreditation gives us the following advantages:

  • new business connections with corporations and the city's business community;
  • attracting investment for service development in Russia;
  • support and the opportunity to participate in the implementation of innovative projects of the Moscow government.

This is another important step for expanding the scope and application of Joys technologies in the real economy. You can view our website on the Moscow startup ecosystem in the navigator at this link (available in Russian).

We have successfully passed the equator of the Start Hub program

In January, Joys Operator in Russia, Digital Payments LLC, became a resident of «Start Hub» – a program by the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of Moscow. You can read more about the benefits of the program in our recent January digest here.

Today, we are happy to announce that our project has successfully passed the equator – this is the middle of the acceleration program. For 3 months in the Start Hub, we launched a connection to the FPS and released a new page of the Joys FPS on our website, as well as added support for the FPS to the Joys POS application.

We demonstrated our success in front of the experts of the Start Hub and successfully passed the equator. This increases the rating of our project, and also gives us the opportunity to continue participating in the Start Hub program and work with personal tracker Naila Zamashkina.

Nailya is the Chief Operating Officer of the Fintech Lab interbank accelerator and a tracker of the IIDF correspondence accelerator. Naili has more than 11 years of experience in electronic and mobile payment systems. In Yandex.Money, she was engaged in the development of the partner department and marketing communications, in Money@Mail.Ru she developed partnerships and launched the project with Mastercard, in MOBY.Money launched from scratch the direction of Internet acquiring, launched autopay in Tele2, launched a deposit of the Troika card and others.

We have started new tasks for the development of our project, including the formation of boxed products that include: the Joys payment method, the Central Bank's Fast Payment System, loyalty programs for businesses (bonus, discount, coalition, etc.), the creation of branded mobile applications for businesses, and the use of the Eats delivery service. Businesses that connect to the service will be able to use boxed products and significantly increase their business performance. You can view the boxed products showcase at: https://podkluchisbp.ru/.

Due to integration into the cash register software, we get the receipt composition for each transaction and increase the volume of information about user purchases through the payment service and loyalty programs every day. Working with experts from the Start Hub, we have found a new direction – Big Data. We intend to study the available amount of information and, based on this, offer new products to the market in the second half of 2021.

RNKO RIB – license revocation

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation has revoked its license from our partner, RNKO RIB LLC. You can read more about this on the Bank of Russia website. Because of this, we temporarily stopped servicing ruble wallets and operations in Joys Wallet.

Some of our users still have money in the ruble-denominated RIB wallets opened in Joys Wallet. Under the cession agreement, our Russian operator Digital Payments LLC repurchased the debt and paid the remaining balances to Joys Wallet users in full, according to their requests. If you have not yet managed to use the offer and return your funds, then you can learn more about the available options for returning funds from wallets opened in RNKO RIB by following this link.

Currently, payments using wallet balances with digital currencies are temporarily suspended. We are working on restoring this functionality. Information about the start and working conditions will be published in our channels, as well as in the next issue of the digest.

CEO Joys Andrey Mikhaylishin spoke at the business forum «Productive 2021»

On April 6, Andrey Mikhaylishin spoke at the round table of the Productive 2021 forum on the topic «About tips» together with experts. Productive 2021 Forum was held from 5 to 7 April at Crocus Expo in Krasnogorsk.

Andrey told the forum visitors about the unique Joys solutions that allow you to pay tips using smart contract technologies and QR codes. Earlier in 2020, we already launched a reward system for the Scientific Talent project.

Productive 2021 is a business forum for entrepreneurs in the hospitality and food retail sectors. The event is organized by the Russian Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia (FRiO).

Joys operator in Russia, Digital Payments LLC, became an associate member of FRiO in March of this year. At the same time, FRiO and Joys started working together to update the Eats – app for Business, which allows you to deliver food from restaurants.

Joys team on the Blockchain Life 2021 Forum

On April 21 and 22, the 6th International forum on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and mining Blockchain Life 2021 was held in Moscow, where Valery Petrov, Director of GR and IR, presented the Joys payment service and new products of the company.

He presented Joys boxed product, which allows you to quickly and inexpensively connect the Fast Payment System (FPS) together with the loyalty system to almost any cash solution, significantly increasing the company's revenue (up to 35%), and aroused particular interest among forum visitors.

In addition, Nikolay and Valery held talks with more than 30 forum participants and agreed to cooperate with both retail representatives and blockchain projects that are relevant to Joys solutions in the field of working with digital assets and digital currencies of central banks.

Analytics of the JOYS rate for April

April opened at $ 0.01023 per JOYS coin and closed at $ 0.00837, down 16% from the open. The chart structure shows how in the first decade of the month the price was held in the range of $ 0.0097 – $ 0.0105. The beginning of the second decade was marked by the arrival of a large volume of market orders, which indicates a sharp increase in the interest of large players. During the day, after breaking through the resistance level at $ 0.012, the price encountered resistance around $ 0.01600. On the same day, this initiative was absorbed by sellers and the price of JOYS continued to decline for 13 days. After testing the global high interest range of $ 0.0075 – $ 0.0060, the price reversed and showed growth until the end of the month. The scenario of continued growth to the level of the maximum traded volume in the range of $ 0.0090 – $ 0.01050 is likely. And in the event of a breakdown of the level in the area of $ 0.012 and the formation of new volumes there, we can expect further growth to the levels of $ 0.016 – $ 0.018.


See you in the next month!

Joys team