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Main for July

Joys was included in the top 5 startups of July 2021 by VC.ru

Popular online media VC.ru added the Joys payment ecosystem to the list of the most interesting startups in July. You can take a look at the top by following the link: https://vc.ru/future/277953-top-5-startapov-iyulya (available in Russian).

VC.ru is an online media about business, startups, innovations, marketing and technologies, which took first place in the Medialogy rating among thematic publications in the field of IT for the third quarter of 2019.

«Joys combines different payment systems and any form of money, including cryptocurrencies and digital assets when paying for goods and services. The innovative platform allows you to create and link multi-level loyalty systems of retail and manufacturers to the means of payment, work with Big Data and streaming analytics. The service solves long-standing problems of card payment systems that are not designed for digital money, cryptocurrencies and tokens. Joys has passed the sandbox of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and allows you to make all types of payments safely and in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. Payment gateways to blockchains, Fast Payments, BRICS Pay, WeChat Pay, QR Pay and others make Joys an aggregator of any system. More than 50% of the cash registers in our country can already technically work with Joys.»

We thank the VC.ru editors for appreciation of Joys’ achievements, and we promise to keep the media updated on how we are working to improve our ecosystem.

4 new businesses joined Joys Fast Payment System

We recently launched a new service for business «Easily and simply connect the FPS», which allows you to set up a Fast Payment System (FPS) for free in R-Keeper, iiko, 1C, Joys POS cash solutions. This expands our market in the world of fiat money.

In July, 4 new businesses joined Joys FPS:

  • restaurant of Uzbek and Georgian cuisine «Zizifora» with a large banquet hall;
  • «MaxFooD» cafe – delivery of pizza, rolls, burgers and other dishes;
  • «Top-detail» – retail store of branded and non-original spare parts for foreign cars;
  • active recreation center «Ivolga», offering its guests the services of a spa center, camping, restaurant and other types of useful entertainment.

Now these businesses can accept payment for their services and goods through the FPS. The connection to the system was made via Joys POS, and this helped significantly reduce the commission costs for each payment.

Your business can also accept payment via FPS in Russia! Leave your contacts here: https://podkluchisbp.ru/#connect and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

In addition to the standard FPS functionality, other services from Joys are also available to every business:

  • creating a branded mobile app;
  • implementation of the delivery system;
  • loyalty programs (bonus, discount, coalition, etc).

We have launched the JOYS staking

This day has come! Progressive staking has replaced outdated mining. Now you don't need computing power and expensive graphics cards to mine cryptocurrencies – just make a deposit of your JOYS coins and get 12% per annum.

Staking is a method of passive earnings, in which users store coins on the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm and ensure the functionality of the blockchain. For this, holders of digital coins receive a reward.

At the moment, staking is available from the amount of 521,000 JOYS. In the future, you will be able to stake a smaller amount, follow our announcements.

The transition occurred at block #7,770,000. The conversion of JOYS coins takes place automatically, no actions on the part of users are required.

If you want to send your coins for staking, you need to transfer them to the Metamask wallet in the JOYS network, then connect your wallet to the site https://staking.joys.digital/ and start the staking procedure.

You can find step-by-step instructions for configuring Metamask here.

We remind you that the JOYS cryptocurrency can be purchased in several ways:

Interview with Valery Petrov, Vice President of RACIB and Director of GR and IR at Joys, «FPS can become a driver for the development of the national payment system» is published in Finversia

Financial online media «Finversia» published an interview with Valery Petrov, Vice President of RACIB and Director of GR and IR at Joys. You can read the article here: https://www.finversia.ru/interview/valerii-petrov-sbp-mozhet-stat-draiverom-razvitiya-natsionalnoi-platezhnoi-sistemy-98405 (available in Russian).

Analyzing the development and prospects of the Fast Payment System in the russian market, Valery emphasized Joys FPS in an interview:

«One of the most striking examples is the project of Joys (Digital Payments LLC), implemented together with PSB Bank, based on the most modern digital technologies using smart contracts».

Don't miss the opportunity to connect FPS for your business in Russia on favorable terms and get a free development of a mobile app! You can get a consultation or apply for activation here: https://podkluchisbp.ru/#connect.

Valery Petrov's interview «Russia is the undisputed leader in creating software solutions for the crypto market» was published in BeInCrypto

BeInCrypto editors spoke with Valery Petrov, Joys' Director for GR and IR and RACIB's Vice President for Market Development and Regulation, about the future of the crypto market and blockchain technologies in Russia. You can read the article here – https://beincrypto.ru/rossiya-bezuslovnyj-lider-blockchain/ (available in Russian).

Talking about the crypto business in Russia, the digital ruble, and digital means of payment, Valery mentioned Joys:

«If we are talking about companies that work with cryptocurrencies: trade, exchange, offer purchases, then their number has significantly decreased over the past 2-3 years due to the unfavorable legislative background.

Today, the Joys company legally provides cryptocurrency payment services in the country. She went through the Central Bank's Sandbox and organized a legal system of crypto payments by converting them into fiat currency outside the Russian Federation. Other companies offering services for trading or exchanging cryptocurrencies are gradually leaving Russia».

The whole world in the palm of your hand: Joys on top of Elbrus

No cryptocurrency has ever been so close TO THE MOON as JOYS!

CEO Joys Andrey Mikhaylishin has climbed the highest mountain peak in Russia and Europe – Elbrus (5642 meters) for the second time. From July 24 to July 29, a sports ascent was made along the southern route from the foot of the Azau glade (2300 m above sea level) to the Western peak of Elbrus.

At the peak, Andrey proudly picked up the JOYS flag. This is a memorable moment for the company: the JOYS logo on top of the legendary mountain, against the background of centuries-old snow and dazzling sky, above the clouds.

Climbing Elbrus is far from Andrey's first mountaineering achievement: mountains are his main hobby. He told us more about his passion in Digest #1(22): https://joys.digital/en/joys_digest_1_22/#9.

Here is just one quote from his interview:

«I am often asked: why do I suffer hardships, go to winter in the middle of summer, put up with the lack of basic living conditions, spend money and time, carry heavy backpacks, and sometimes get exhausted to the point of trembling in my legs. There is no response.

But it is only necessary to pass this path once and find yourself at the top, in front of a huge expanse, volume; just to see, feel, realize this greatness, beauty and power! And then everything becomes clear; then everyone finds all the answers for themselves and understands what is truly valuable in life and what people go to the mountains for».

A real mountaineering training of health, mind, will and determination helps Andrey fully work on the new generation of Joys payment ecosystem.

Analytics of Russian users of top crypto exchanges

The team of the new generation payment ecosystem Joys analyzed data from six of the most popular centralized cryptocurrency exchanges in order to find out what share of their audience is made up of users from Russia. The data was taken from SimilarWeb, a service for analyzing statistics of users of websites and mobile applications.

Statistics of the top 6 crypto exchanges as of July 1, 2021 are as follows:

  1. Binance – 150,370,000 visitors, including 9,112,422 from Russia (6.06%);
  2. OKEx – 5,710,000 users, 424,253 from Russia (7.43%);
  3. Huobi Global – 4,780,000 visitors, 234,220 from Russia (4.90%);
  4. Bitfinex – 4,560,000 visitors, 554,040 from Russia (12.15%);
  5. Bittrex – 3,280,000 users, 337,512 from Russia (7.43%);
  6. Poloniex – 2,222,000 users, 427,735 from Russia (19.25%).

Compared to our analysis for February 13 of this year, the total number of Russian-speaking users to these exchanges increased slightly – from 11,005,003 to 11,090,182 visitors. Binance leads by a wide margin in popularity both in the world and in Russia.

At the same time, almost every 5th user of the Poloniex exchange is from the Russian Federation.

What exchange do you use? Share your opinion: do you think this top is fair? We are waiting for your answers and opinions in any of the Joys channels. Get in touch with us wherever it's more convenient for you: Telegram | VK | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn.

Analytics of the JOYS rate for July

In July of this year, the cryptocurrency market showed some stabilization after the fall of the bitcoin exchange rate in May and June.

For the JOYS cryptocurrency, the month opened at $0.008015 per coin and closed at $0.0081. The first decade of the month was marked by a rapid growth of JOYS – by 30 percent. After reaching the local maximum at $0.01050, the price turned around and within 7 days, before crossing the $0.0075 mark, it moved down. In the third week, the JOYS coin showed a stable increase in price, within the framework of normal volatility. July closed at $0.008144 per JOYS.

If JOYS breaks the $0.01050 resistance level, then the probability of a further rise increases sharply. Otherwise, the corridor of the expected price movement of $0.0075–$0.01015 appears.


See you in the next month!

Joys team