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CMO Joys Vladislav Gavrilyuk

Fundamental changes are currently transforming all aspects of the payments world, from the very nature of currencies to new payment concepts and technologies that are used to authenticate and consent to payment. The model of money and payments, which has been preserved for millennia, can soon be radically revised, which will lead to dramatic consequences for governments and banks that do not accept changes, as well as for relations between sellers of goods and services and their customers. It became obvious that the use of fiat money not only periodically leads to serious economic crises, inflating bubbles and the overflow of financial resources from the real sector of the economy to derivatives, but in their paper terms they carry a mortal danger of becoming a carrier of pathogenic viruses and bacteria. However, digital developments designed to solve many problems of the traditional model of money and finance do not stand still.

These developments lead to a change in the business models of sellers and banks, provide agile operators a unique opportunity to create value and build deeper and longer-term relationships with their partners and customers.

This is an exciting and difficult time for anyone connected with the payment industry. In order to deliver more transparent, faster and cheaper payments to consumers every day, payment providers must manage increasingly complex processes. Only by doing this can they truly thrive in the market. For payment systems able to cope with these problems, the future is bright.

Over the past few decades, the way we shop has been constantly changing along with the ever-increasing digitalization of the financial sector: many of us have abandoned paper money in favor of plastic cards, then many of us have digitalized plastic cards into our phones, and many are already using QR codes to payments. Cash is losing value as mobile payments revolutionize the market. In fact, by 2022, mobile transactions will become the second most popular payment method right after bank cards. According to Statista, the total value of digital payment transactions can continue to grow with an annual growth rate of 12%, reaching its historic maximum of $ 6,699,201 million ($ 6.7 trillion) by 2023.

Can cryptocurrencies enter the structure of our buying habits? As the world embraces digital payments, cryptocurrencies are faced with a unique opportunity to revolutionize the way they transfer money. Several companies around the world are striving to find the perfect payment solution for the digital future, the beginning of financial transformation. Will they be able to enter cryptocurrencies in our grocery checks?

Does such a technology exist that circumvents restrictions on the part of financial institutions, regulators and electronic payment systems?

There is an answer to these questions.

The innovative payment service "Joys Digital" offers the market a long-awaited solution – to give digital assets the function of a means of payment, combining the classical and digital economies and creating a new infrastructure that is independent of banks and payment systems. In 2017, there was an idea that quickly developed into the fintech project Joys – an international payment service that allows you to use digital financial assets (cryptocurrencies, tokens, fiat) to buy goods and services in electronic commerce and retail. Currently, Joys is the only payment service for cryptocurrency settlements in the legal field of the Russian Federation when purchasing goods and services in trade and service enterprises of Russia. All known decisions based on the attachment of crypto-wallets to bank cards issued by non-Russian banks have become illegal in the territory of the Russian Federation since April 28, 2020 in accordance with amendments to 161-FZ.

The developers of the Joys service are creating a new infrastructure, independent of card payment systems, that will unite almost all cash registers around the world. Other fintech and blockchain projects can use this infrastructure for their needs and make their coins and tokens a means of payment.

How it works

Accepting payments is familiar to a store employee and does not require special terminals: our payment module is built into cash register software. Payment is made in the same way as AliPay and WeChat Pay: either the cashier with a scanner reads the dynamic QR code from the screen of the buyer's smartphone, or the buyer scans the QR code generated by the cashier and confirms the payment.

About 30 companies have already joined the service, including such as the chain of jewelry stores Roberto Bravo, Arkady Novikov's restaurant "Syrovarnya", M-city.

You can see the full list of connected stores in the Joys Wallet app or on the Joys website.

Joys also gives you the opportunity to constantly receive income from stores connected to the service (for details, click here).

Joys Solutions

Joys divided financial flows: cryptocurrency and tokens are exchanged for fiat directly in the application of our company, registered in Estonia and having the appropriate licenses, and in the country where the purchase is made, only the local fiat currency is used.

Today, Joys works with 6 cryptocurrencies in the legal field of different countries and this list is constantly expanding. Already there is an opportunity to connect ERC-20 tokens and smart contracts.

All cryptocurrency transactions are made in the Joys Wallet application.

Joys Wallet is a mobile wallet for digital financial assets (crypto assets, cryptocurrencies, tokens) and fiat accounts, which combines accounts of different blockchain networks, as well as open accounts in different banks. The app allows you to pay for goods and services with cryptocurrencies within the legal framework of the country where the purchase is made, as well as to exchange, purchase and make P2P transfers of cryptocurrencies and tokens. The app will be supplemented with various financial services: loans, housing and utilities payments, insurance, etc.

It is important to note that the project has its own cryptocurrency – the JOYS coin.

Курс JOYS rate, graphic and information.


JOYS is a cryptocurrency based on Ethereum private network technology. JOYS uses the PoW (Proof-of-Work) protocol and the Ethash encryption algorithm. You can mine JOYS on video cards. For miners, we have the Reticule program specially developed by us.

At the moment, it is more profitable for JOYS cryptocurrency to mine in a pool. Official mining pool and partner pools:,

The JOYS coin is currently traded on two exchanges – LATOKEN and P2PB2B and may be interesting for traders. The JOYS price on May 8th, 2020 is $ 0,008176, and the trade volume for 24 hours is $ 61,500.

Partners and representatives of the Joys project

The Joys module is already integrated into the most popular POS-systems of stores, which allows the owner of the Joys Wallet wallet to pay at the points of sale with cryptocurrencies and fiat using the application on their phone. In addition to EVOTOR, the Joys module is integrated into R-keeper, iiico, 1C, and this is almost 50% of all cash desks in Russia. Another active partner of Joys in the Russian Federation is the Russian Association of CryptoIndustry and Blockchain (RACIB). Joys and RACIB have significantly expanded their cooperation in recent months, and now RACIB representatives in the regions of the Russian Federation and other countries begin to promote the Joys payment service: they connect trade and service companies, attract new users of the Joys Wallet mobile application and traders to trade JOYS on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Joys world strategy

Joys Digital payment service is an international project, and with access to new markets, it will allow 52 million cryptocurrency owners to make purchases in every connected store around the world. The Joys project will undoubtedly gain great popularity abroad, in the countries most loyal to cryptocurrencies: England, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Hong Kong, and the USA. According to Statista reports, in 2020, in the digital payments sector the total price of transactions amounted to $ 4,769,370 million.

  • The total transaction value is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2023) of 12.0%, leading to a total of $ 6,699,201 million by 2023.
  • The largest market segment is digital commerce with a total transaction value of $ 3,751,387 million in 2020.
  • From the point of view of global comparison, it is shown that the highest total transaction value was achieved in China ($ 1,928,753 million in 2020).

It turns out that these numbers will gradually grow in all the countries mentioned, which is promising for the Joys project.

What are the benefits to users of Joys Wallet wallets

The Joys Wallet app is a wallet for cryptocurrencies, tokens and fiat money accounts. The wallet combines accounts from different blockchain networks, as well as open accounts in different banks. This allows customers to easily and quickly manage their funds and pay for goods and services in various digital currencies. Customers can at any time receive information about the available balance of a specific asset and make a payment. The Joys Digital payment service simplifies, speeds up and reduces the cost of purchasing goods and services for owners of cryptocurrencies and tokens. In addition, the application has a cryptocurrency exchange function. The acquiring commission for outlets in cryptocurrency is 1.5%, and in rubles – about 0.7%. In addition to the main Joys Digital project, the company has a number of developments for various industries using blockchain technology, as well as an embedded loyalty program. More details about the solutions can be found on our website.

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