The Windows and MacOS versions of Reticule Joys Alfa are free applications. They are intended for new users and miners in the Joys network.

Some of the Joys Reticule functions:

  • Creating Joys wallets
  • Setting up and launching mining options:
    • CPU and/or GPU solo mining
    • CPU and/or GPU mining in a pool
  • Joys sending and receipt
  • Back up of closed keys

Monitoring of network Joys

Site for monitoring the Joys network. Allows you to view network statistics, such as complexity, hashrate, average block time, nodes voluntarily connected to monitoring, etc.

Mining pool of the Joys network

The website of the official mining pool in the Joys network. It describes the rules of the pool, shows mining statistics in the pool and payments to pool participants. There are no requirements or restrictions. You can start mining right now using our Reticule app.