March 24, 2020

Joys in Cuba: a business meeting with scientists from the University of Havana and with the head of the National Payment System Department of the Central Bank of Cuba

On 19th of March at the University of Havana held a business meeting of the Joys management A.Yu. Mikhaylishin and V.Yu. Tolmachev with a group of scientists headed by Professor of the University of Havana Alexi Massó Muñoz, who was entrusted with the President of the Republic of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, to develop solutions for the digitalization of economics and management of Cuba, also with the head of the National Payment System department of the Central Bank of Cuba Roxana Teresita Montero Beltrán.
At this meeting, Andrey Mikhaylishin made two presentations: “Current trends in payment systems” and “Suggestions for digitalization of the Cuban economy”, also demonstrated the work of the Joys Digital payment service in real time. There was an active discussion of the proposals with the representative of the Central Bank of Cuba. Roxana Teresita Montero Beltrán will present the results to the management of Central Bank of Cuba and organize a meeting or conference call with the management of the Central Bank of Cuba.

March 23, 2020

Joys Digital: the transition to the Istanbul hard fork will be in early April

In the first days of April, in block #5100000, there is going to be the Istanbul hard fork in the JOYS network.
Key changes of the hard fork:
EIP-1344: increases protection against Denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.
EIP-1844: improves the balance between resource consumption and gas consumption by Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) operating codes.
EIP-2028 and EIP-2200: reduces excess gas costs associated with transaction data.
What does this mean for our payment service:
- Higher speed: in terms of transaction speed (TPS).
- Cheaper: lower Gas prices.
- Higher security: better resistance to DDOS attacks.
- Increased stability: increased bandwidth means a more stable network.
Miners of the JOYS coin will need to update to the latest version of Reticule, which will be released soon. As soon as the release takes place, we will immediately share a direct link with you.
Users of Joys Wallet will not need to do anything - the update will be integrated automatically.
We do everything to make our service the fastest, modern and innovative!

#BTC - $6325 (↑4.66%)
#ETH - $132 (↑3.77%)
#JOYS - $0,011083 (↑0.63%)
JOYS/BTC - 0,00000175 BTC (↓-3.87%)

March 16, 2020

AppleDaily service center connected to Joys Digital

AppleDaily service center provides high-quality and quick repair, sale and exchange of mobile devices. Here you can repair any Apple devices, as well as purchase original accessories by paying with cryptocurrency or tokens. The service also carries out repair of devices on the Android platform.
For more information and an address, see the Stores section of the Joys Wallet app.

BTC - $4974 (↓-6.87%)
ETH - $111 (↓-10.89%)
JOYS - $0,012296 (↑11.53%)
JOYS/BTC - 0,00000247 BTC (↑19.90%)

March 15, 2020

Joys: presentation in London

On March 12, Joys held a pre-launch meeting with industry leaders at the renowned London restaurant HIDE. Presented Joys solutions and discussed the development trends of payment systems. We were especially pleased how positively our decision was received. As soon as the pandemic situation normalizes, we will announce the start date of the Joys scaling in Europe.

BTC - $5325 (↓-1.46%)
ETH - $124 (↓-2.86%)
JOYS - $0,0110 (↓-9.71%)
JOYS/BTC - 0,00000208 BTC (↓-8.17%)

March 13, 2020

Joys on Future Tech + Finance Summit

We became partners of the Future Tech + Finance Summit, one of the best events in the crypto industry today, dedicated to new technologies, financial instruments and growing markets. CCO Alexander Shamyan and Head of Partner Communications Lev Shemetov demonstrated the Joys Wallet mobile app to more than 200 visitors, held meetings with various companies, 7 of which reached preliminary agreements, and gave interviews to three YouTube channels.
You can read more about the results of the event in the next issue of the digest, which will be released in early April.

BTC - $4990 (-18.03%)
ETH - $120 (-14.62%)
JOYS - $0,01311 (+1.43%)
JOYS/BTC - 0,00000265 BTC (+24,76%)

March 11, 2020

JOYS on CoinMarketCap!

We are pleased to announce that our JOYS coin has appeared on CoinMarketCap website! This is one of the stages of the big work that we are doing to attract the attention of traders to our project. In order to list on the portal, it was necessary to meet certain requirements from CoinMarketCap. We have fulfilled these conditions and achieved our common goal with all of you.
But this would not have happened without your support. We thank all the miners, traders, users of our mobile wallet and exchanger. All those who are interested in our project. Thank you for being with us! We plan to increase our momentum and very soon we will share with you even more important project news.