April 1, 2019


On March 29, CEO Andrey Mikhaylishin, CVO Vladimir Tolmachev and Head of sales deparment Ruslan Konovalov held a work meeting with iiko.
iiko (https://iiko.ru/) - automation system for restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, bars, canteens and food delivery services. iiko is already used in 29 countries, in more than 21 000 restaurants.
We agreed that iiko will start the integration of our Joys Digital payment module in the second half of April 2019.
Previously, in late May - early June, the Joys project will be able to connect to the payment service restaurants from London to Seoul.

March 27, 2019


YouTube channel CryptoTimesTV made a survey on our project, and it's nice to us. Link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNK6BqrqPo4.
It is doubly pleasant that this review is independent and non-commercial. The creator of the channel did not even contact us about cooperation and commercial offer.
The review tells about:
- What is JOYS about;
- What market is JOYS about to enter;
- All about the JOYS token;
- What about JOYS MVP;
- Who is on the JOYS team.
This review proves that the idea of our project is really innovative and attractive.
We continue to develop Joys, establishing contacts around the world and working on the payment service and expanding its geography.
Follow the news ;)

March 25, 2019


On March 21, the Joys team in the face of CVO Vladimir Tolmachev and CMO Vladislav Gavrilyuk visited the 3rd annual FinMachine forum 2019 in Moscow. The main theme of the event is «How artificial intelligence, machine learning and Big Data help the Bank to be more effective".
Vladimir and Vladislav established contacts with representatives of the Central Bank and 20 other international and Russian banks, including Raiffeisenbank, Alfa-Bank, Sberbank, Gazprombank, VTB and others.
Vladimir and Vladislav also met with representatives of the British Embassy in Moscow.
Following the meeting, the partners from the Embassy offered us assistance in the process of professional analytics on competitors and invited to present our project in the Moscow office of the Embassy.
This will enable our payment service Joys Digital to enter the UK retail market and expand its coverage.

March 6, 2019


Yesterday, March 5, in Moscow in the NSPC (National System of Payment Cards) was held a work meeting of Joys CEO Andrey Mikhaylishin and CVO Vladimir Tolmachev with the developers of the System of fast payments (SFP), which discussed the use of SFP to pay for goods and services in stores and the use of distributed registry technologies for the implementation of remittances.
To implement this feature, it is needed to finalize the cash register’s software for the payment module at the cash desk. Joys already has this enhancement, so the further cooperation seems mutually interesting.
The System of fast payments is an innovative solution that allows to send and receive funds directly between two current accounts. The process is instantaneous and requires no physical medium. It is possible by the technology of reading barcodes using a smartphone.
Most recently, on February 28, the SFP was launched between individuals, and this year it is planned to launch payment with its use in stores.

March 4, 2019


There are four parties for whom we create Joys:
- projects that do not have their own cryptocurrency and they need it,
- projects that have their own cryptocurrencies or tokens and holders of those cryptocurrencies or tokens,
- cryptocurrency holders who wish to pay with cryptocurrency,
- businesses wishing to attract new customers with cryptocurrency.
We expect that JOYS cryptocurrency will be among the main cryptocurrencies of payment for goods and services worldwide. This is solved by creating the most extensive infrastructure project to which we and our partners will ‘plug in’ a variety of stores, buyers, and other partners.

Feb. 27, 2019


CCO Joys Alexander Shamyan and CMO Vladislav Gavrilyuk visited the Moscow Digital Forum on February 26.
Alexander was on a stage at the pitch session and presented the Joys project to the target audience of the Forum.
Also, Alexander and Vladislav demonstrated the work of the application, talked about the prospects and future plans of the Joys Digital payment service in Russia and in the West.
The Moscow Digital Forum in 2019 gathered a large number of speakers from different spheres: government, business, digital leaders. The Forum was also attended by foreign guests.