Oct. 13, 2020

The winner of the Russian Floorball Championship received a prize for the first place in cryptocurrency

On October 11, the Russian Floorball Championship of the 2019/2020 season in the Premier League ended in Nizhny Novgorod. In the final of the championship, the «Pomor» team of the Arkhangelsk region took first place.
The Joys team, with the support of RACIB, credited 100 000 JOYS to the Pomor's team account, which is equivalent to about 60,000 rubles.
We have already talked about cooperation with the National Floorball Federation of Russia in Digest №8(16) for July. For us the award of the winner of the Russian Floorball Championship is the first experience of real cooperation with sports federations.

Sept. 25, 2020

Joys at the «Sustainable Development of the Northern Territories» forum in Saint-Petersburg

Yesterday, September 24, the Joys team took an active part in the forum "Sustainable Development of the Northern Territories", which was held in St. Petersburg. Joys was represented by CEO Andrey Mikhaylishin, Head of Sales Ruslan Konovalov and SMM Nikolay Ziborov.

Andrey made a presentation “Digital technologies to help agro-industrial enterprises” and presented the “URA” marketplace, developed together with RACIB. Ruslan made a presentation on the topic “Consumer cooperation. New solutions for enterprises”.

The Joys team also did active networking and discussed plans and joint projects with representatives of RACIB in the North-West District.

Joys and RACIB conveyed their point of view on the scale of the digital economy in Russia and offered their ideas for the development of the economy of the country and regions.

Aug. 4, 2020

Joys at the forum "Sustainable Development, Digital Transformation of the Economy" in Krasnodar

On August 4, CEO Joys Andrey Mikhaylishin made a presentation at the forum-meeting "Sustainable Development, Digital Transformation of the Economy." The forum is held from 4 to 6 August at the «Aquarium» Innovation Center in Krasnodar with the support of the Administration of Krasnodar.

Andrey spoke about the «URA» marketplace, which is being created by the Joys team with the participation of RACIB (Russian Association of CryptoIndustry and Blockchain) and other members of the association. Andrey also told the visitors about the Joys payment service and answered questions from the audience.

Joys projects aroused great interest among the Kuban businesses.

March 24, 2020

Joys in Cuba: a business meeting with scientists from the University of Havana and with the head of the National Payment System Department of the Central Bank of Cuba

On 19th of March at the University of Havana held a business meeting of the Joys management A.Yu. Mikhaylishin and V.Yu. Tolmachev with a group of scientists headed by Professor of the University of Havana Alexi Massó Muñoz, who was entrusted with the President of the Republic of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, to develop solutions for the digitalization of economics and management of Cuba, also with the head of the National Payment System department of the Central Bank of Cuba Roxana Teresita Montero Beltrán.
At this meeting, Andrey Mikhaylishin made two presentations: “Current trends in payment systems” and “Suggestions for digitalization of the Cuban economy”, also demonstrated the work of the Joys Digital payment service in real time. There was an active discussion of the proposals with the representative of the Central Bank of Cuba. Roxana Teresita Montero Beltrán will present the results to the management of Central Bank of Cuba and organize a meeting or conference call with the management of the Central Bank of Cuba.

March 15, 2020

Joys: presentation in London

On March 12, Joys held a pre-launch meeting with industry leaders at the renowned London restaurant HIDE. Presented Joys solutions and discussed the development trends of payment systems. We were especially pleased how positively our decision was received. As soon as the pandemic situation normalizes, we will announce the start date of the Joys scaling in Europe.

BTC - $5325 (↓-1.46%)
ETH - $124 (↓-2.86%)
JOYS - $0,0110 (↓-9.71%)
JOYS/BTC - 0,00000208 BTC (↓-8.17%)

March 13, 2020

Joys on Future Tech + Finance Summit

We became partners of the Future Tech + Finance Summit, one of the best events in the crypto industry today, dedicated to new technologies, financial instruments and growing markets. CCO Alexander Shamyan and Head of Partner Communications Lev Shemetov demonstrated the Joys Wallet mobile app to more than 200 visitors, held meetings with various companies, 7 of which reached preliminary agreements, and gave interviews to three YouTube channels.
You can read more about the results of the event in the next issue of the digest, which will be released in early April.

BTC - $4990 (-18.03%)
ETH - $120 (-14.62%)
JOYS - $0,01311 (+1.43%)
JOYS/BTC - 0,00000265 BTC (+24,76%)