June 1, 2021

CEO Joys Andrey Mikhaylishin shared with Forbes magazine the experience of passing the Central Bank's regulatory sandbox

CEO Joys Andrey Mikhaylishin told Forbes journalists how our payment service was piloted in the Central Bank of Russia, what comments were particularly important and valuable for us, as well as about the future plans of the project. So the article "We wanted to be an icebreaker that breaks the ice between the regulator and the industry: how the Central Bank tested crypto projects and what came out of it" appeared, which you can read at this link (available in Russian).
The Bank of Russia said in its 2020 report that it tested three digital currency projects last year, including the Joys payment service.
"Since both the Central Bank has a negative attitude towards cryptocurrencies and the crypto industry has a very negative attitude towards the Central Bank, we wanted to be an icebreaker that breaks the ice between the regulator and the industry. We have partially succeeded", Andrey said.
After piloting the project for cryptocurrencies, Joys executives realized that their infrastructure fits well with the Fast Payment System (FPS). So Joys became an agent for connecting retail and service enterprises to the FPS. The platform is also ideally suited for the development of the digital ruble, which the Central Bank is currently working on, says Andrey Mikhyilishin. You can connect the FPS to accept payments from customers by leaving a request on our website.

May 27, 2021

Joys enters the fiat payment market

We have successfully completed integration tests with the Bank of Russia's Fast Payment System (FPS). And now Joys (Digital Payments LLC), in partnership with Promsvyazbank, has launched a new service for business "Easily and simply connect the FPS", which allows you to set up a fast payment service on cash registers for free. This expands our market to the world of fiat money. And connected loyalty programs on the Joys blockchain will soon allow the JOYS coin to find application on the fiat market. RBC and Vedomosti reputable magazines have already written about us.
The service provided by Joys allows businesses specializing in the restaurant and retail business to quickly connect FPS to the R-Keeper, iiko and 1C systems.
"We, as an acquiring bank, see great prospects for this solution for entrepreneurs, especially those who work in the field of fast food, because:
– first, the service improves the usability of the FPS,
- secondly, it allows you to reduce the cost of acquiring services by five times with a guaranteed rate of up to 0.7% per operation,
because retail and service companies may not pay for the maintenance of POS terminals for accepting payments.
At the same time, all integration of the service is carried out by our partner, Joys, absolutely free of charge"
, says Nikita Khomutov, Director of the Promsvyazbank Acquiring Department.
By connecting a business to the FPS, we also connect the Joys payment service at the same time. The FPS for our project is an anchor product for selling all our other products.
"Joys (Digital Payments LLC) offers innovative, profitable and most convenient solutions for business. That is why we have integrated the FPS module directly into the cash register software – this allows you to quickly accept payments without additional training for cashiers, while continuing to work in the usual sales logic. FPS complements current payment methods and expands business opportunities in automating marketing programs and attracting new customers. With Joys and Promsvyazbank, connecting to the FPS is free, convenient, simple and promising" – Andrey Mikhaylishin, General Director of Digital Payments LLC.
You can activate the "Easily and simply connect FPS" service by leaving a request on our website or on the Promsvyazbank website.

April 3, 2019


Popular cryptonews website TheCoinShark published the latest interview with Andrey Mikhaylishin, CEO Joys. Link: https://thecoinshark.net/interview-with-the-founder-of-the-project-joys-we-transform-digital-money-into-real-goods/.
In this interview, Andrey told about ICO results, future plans of Joys project, cooperation with Russian Association of Cryptoindustry and Blockchain (RACIB), and so on.
Also we recommend to see the previous interview with Andrey in August 2018, if you've missed it: https://thecoinshark.net/interview-with-the-founder-of-the-project-joys/amp/.

March 27, 2019


YouTube channel CryptoTimesTV made a survey on our project, and it's nice to us. You can see it here.
It is doubly pleasant that this review is independent and non-commercial. The creator of the channel did not even contact us about cooperation and commercial offer.
The review tells about:
- What is JOYS about;
- What market is JOYS about to enter;
- All about the JOYS token;
- What about JOYS MVP;
- Who is on the JOYS team.
This review proves that the idea of our project is really innovative and attractive.
We continue to develop Joys, establishing contacts around the world and working on the payment service and expanding its geography.
Follow the news ;)

Dec. 24, 2018

Joys: Rejoice and Pay in Crypto Everywhere

Dear members!
The Coin Shark wrote a new article about us and we’re happy to share it with you - https://thecoinshark.net/joys-rejoice-and-pay-in-crypto-everywhere/. Also we’re happy to say to all of you - merry Christmas! The Joys Digital team wishes you to meet this holiday in comfort and in a good mood.
See you again this year :)

Nov. 1, 2018

Crypto Laboratory rated Joys Digital at 82 out of 100

Hi there, guys!
We don’t like to brag. But we really like to share our joy with you! Crypto Laboratory (Crypto Lab) highly rated Joys Digital - Weighted Average Rating is 82 out of 100 points (Link - http://clc.am/1KLD1A).
Such happy news motivates us to continue our work and soaring to new heights.
Onwards and upwards, right?😉
The Joys Digital team.