Jan. 18, 2021

Joys payment service takes a part in the Asian Financial Forum 2021

Vladislav Gavrilyuk, CMO Joys, will present the Joys payment service at the Asian Financial Forum in the Deal Flow session. The Forum will be held on January 18-19 in Hong Kong. You can see the Joys project page on the forum here.
Deal Flow is a session of the Asian Financial Forum, which opens up unique opportunities for communication between investors and project owners from around the world. Due to the pandemic, the session is being held online for the first time.
Thanks to the participation in the Asian Financial Forum, more than 210 foreign investors will learn about the Joys payment service, as well as thousands of forum participants. This will contribute to the expansion of the geography of Joys’ attendance in foreign markets, including in China.

Dec. 31, 2020

Merry Christmas and Happy New 2021 Year!

​​Dear partners, colleagues and friends!
The Joys team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2021 Year!
The past year has not been easy for most people.
But in 2020 we have made great progress:
– we have created a new, the most modern processing that allows to work with any digital assets;
– fully updated our payment app – Joys Wallet;
– made it possible for the app to work offline;
– connected new trade and service enterprises;
– added replenishment of balances of mobile operators, loan and insurance payments and various services;
– added the "Promo" section, filled with offers for users from each current partner. Now discounts, benefits, gifts are in one place.

We have expanded the number of integrations in cash register software. Now the Joys payment module is available on such cash register solutions as 1C, Evotor, R-Keeper, iiko, Crystal, etc., thereby reaching over 50% of the cash register software market in the Russian Federation. Based on the existing developments, we have expanded the number of services provided by a new direction - the development of individual payment systems. Joys now allows you to run your own private payment systems of any size, from intracorporate to international. For the convenience of working in the Russian Federation, we have expanded the presence of Joys representatives almost throughout Russia.

Our priorities in 2021 will be:
– expansion of the geography of the Joys payment service;
– new services in the Joys Wallet app;
– adding new digital assets and payment methods: such as the Fast Payments System in Russia, WeChat Pay, PayIt, BHIM UPI and others. We also plan to support central banks digital currencies.
Joys is becoming a universal payment tool for users and a universal hub for accepting digital payments for businesses.
In the outgoing 2020, we became a resident of the “Skolkovo” Innovation Center, and in the future we plan to become residents of other accelerators in Europe and Asia.

May 2021 be the year of successful implementation of our plans for all of us, bring as many pleasant moments, positive emotions, warmth and joy to you and your loved ones as possible. We wish everyone a good health, prosperity, happiness, love and confident movement forward towards their dreams in the coming 2021.
Merry Christmas and Happy New 2021 Year!

Fondly and with love,
the Joys team.

Dec. 25, 2020

Joys operator in Russia, «Digital Payments» LLC, passed the selection in Skolkovo

During the new year's holiday period, all dreams come true. We know this firsthand!
Our application received the overwhelming majority of votes of the “Skolkovo” Expert Board Commission (Protocol - П16803 of December 20, 2020). The members of the Commission highly appreciated our competitive advantages, innovations, project implementation strategies and business model. In the near future, Joys Operator in Russia, «Digital Payments» LLC, will receive the status of a Skolkovo resident. Now it's a matter of formalities: we bring the Charter in line with the norms and prepare the necessary documents.
The status of a Skolkovo resident gives us various advantages:
many tax benefits (0% income, value-added and property taxes; reduced insurance premiums). The full list of benefits can be found at this link;
we can receive grants of up to 4,000,000 rubles annually;
the opportunity to attract investment in the project on favorable terms for investors;
new business connections and opportunities.
We will use all the savings and proceeds to make the Joys payment service more popular both in Russia and abroad. Grants will also be used for marketing: participation in events, conferences, etc.

Dec. 24, 2020

Joys Operator in Russia, «Digital Payments» LLC, is accredited by the Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation as a Russian IT company

Our company, «Digital Payments» LLC, received state accreditation from the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation as a developer in the field of information technology.
This gives us many benefits:
- reduced insurance premiums: we can legally pay less taxes. This means that the saved money will go to the development of our project;
- the right to include expenses for the purchase of equipment in the composition of material expenses;
- the ability to hire foreign citizens in a simplified manner.
It's good when everything is official!
Full description of preferences, as well as a list of registered companies, you can see on the website of the Ministry.
Now, after receiving accreditation, we are preparing our software for inclusion in the register of Russian computer programs and databases.

Dec. 23, 2020

«Joys Platform OÜ» received a crypto license

One Estonian company is good, but two are better!
One of our companies, «Joys Platform OÜ», has received an Estonian crypto license. You can take a look at it here.
In July of this year, Estonia revoked licenses of more than 1,000 crypto companies, among which was «Joys Platform OÜ». Some projects were closed, others continued to work without licenses. Both options did not work for us and we continued to look for a solution. And we found it!
We re-submitted an application and received a universal Estonian license for Providing a virtual currency service (No. FVT000382 dated 04.12.2020) in December. Thus, «Joys Platform OÜ» can absolutely legally provide the best services for digital asset owners again.
Now the Joys payment service has two companies in Estonia: «Joys Platform OÜ» and «Ringfinancial OÜ». Two registered companies in Estonia will significantly reduce the financial risks of the project and diversify transactions. Users of the Joys payment service will also be able to store their funds in different wallets in each of the two companies.

Dec. 11, 2020

Go on a dream trip with «Avia Tour Center» and Joys!

There is something magical about it: you leave with one person and come back with a completely different person! Especially when the desire to travel is stronger than any circumstances. Despite the restrictions due to the pandemic, many countries are ready to accept tourists from Russia: Maldives, Turkey, Egypt, Cuba, Tanzania and others. So why not drop everything and fly to the sea for a week?
Moreover, the "Avia Tour Center" travel company and the Joys payment service offer the best conditions for your trip! Specialists of «Avia Tour Center» will help you with the choice of a burning tour for any budget at prices below the usual vouchers. And Joys will help you legally use the balance of your crypto-wallets to pay for the tour. Moreover, over the past month, the crypto/fiat rate has grown rapidly!
If you are waiting for a sign from above, then here it is, go for it! Don't forget to share your emotions with us later.