Oct. 13, 2020

The winner of the Russian Floorball Championship received a prize for the first place in cryptocurrency

On October 11, the Russian Floorball Championship of the 2019/2020 season in the Premier League ended in Nizhny Novgorod. In the final of the championship, the «Pomor» team of the Arkhangelsk region took first place.
The Joys team, with the support of RACIB, credited 100 000 JOYS to the Pomor's team account, which is equivalent to about 60,000 rubles.
We have already talked about cooperation with the National Floorball Federation of Russia in Digest №8(16) for July. For us the award of the winner of the Russian Floorball Championship is the first experience of real cooperation with sports federations.

Oct. 1, 2020

Buy fresh juice in Moscow City: Berry Fruit Vitamin & Fresh Bar joined Joys Wallet

The number of businesses connected to the Joys payment service continues to grow: in September we connected 47th store. This time - in the most futuristic building in Moscow, in the Federation business center!  Now Moscow citizens will be able to refill their energy, by drinking freshly squeezed juice in the morning or during lunch and pay for it with cryptocurrency absolutely legally.

Berry Fruit Vitamin & Fresh Bar offers a wide range of smoothies and fresh juices that are prepared only from natural products without added sugar or syrups.

Visit Berry Fruit Vitamin & Fresh Bar and enjoy the convenience of payments in Joys Wallet without thinking about exchanging your digital assets!

Sept. 28, 2020

Joys signed a cooperation agreement with Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

Earlier we have already talked about cooperation with PRUE (Plekhanov Russian University of Economics): the Joys team held webinars and lectures for University students and acted as a strategic partner of the All-Russian competition for innovative projects of the PRUE business incubator. Now Joys and the University have entered into an agreement on cooperation in the field of education, practice, internship and employment of students and graduates of the University.

This will enable Joys to attract young qualified personnel, because PRUE is one of the leading Russian economic universities. We will attract high-quality specialists to hold events and work with various projects aimed at developing the Joys payment service.

July 20, 2020

Joys and the Innovative Company «Cent development» signed a memorandum of cooperation

Innovative Company «Cent development» is the developer of a National investment platform created to attract investments in small and medium-sized businesses. Joys will participate in the development of a non-bank mechanism for financing of small and medium-sized enterprises by tokenizing assets and liabilities.

You can find more information about the National investment platform on the website (available only in Russian).

May 7, 2020

Joys is a strategic partner of the National competition of innovative projects of the Business incubator of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

With the «Joys» support, the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Business incubator announced a National competition for innovative projects in 2020. Our company provides expertise and prizes for the finalists and winners of the Competition. 
The competition of innovative projects is aimed at stimulating the creation and development of small businesses, the introduction of theoretical developments in practice, and increasing the employment of young professionals. The competition is oriented for schoolchildren, teachers, students, postgraduates, scientists and specialists of various professions, young entrepreneurs and developers.
Friends, if you have an interesting project, you can read the rules of the competition and apply here. The application deadline is May 22, 2020.

April 30, 2020

Win with Joys and World of Tanks

Joys is a sponsor of the Kursk «World of Tanks» online championship, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory, which is held by the Kursk branch of the Russian computer sports Federation and the Department of youth policy, physical culture and sports of the city of Kursk.
The tournament will be held from 8 to 10 May. You can register and learn more about the tournament here.

Tournament prize pool (per team):
– I place – 9000 JOYS
– II place – 6000 JOYS
– III place — 3000 JOYS
– 275 JOYS for each participant (18+)*

*To get 275 JOYS:
1. Join the Joys group in Telegram
2. Download the Joys Wallet app for free
3. Enter the promo code «VICTORY»** before starting registration
4. Verify (successfully pass the KYC and UPRID procedures)
5. Get 275 JOYS to your wallet!
* The promo code is valid until May 9, 2020.
You can spend the received JOYS in partner stores. List of stores.
Prove what you can do! Win with Joys!