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Joys Digital is a payment service built on top of the blockchain technology that allows for payments to be made both in fiat and cryptographic currencies in most jurisdictions.

Joys Digital is good fit for

Projects that issue their own cryptocurrencies or tokens

Your project's tokens can be added as a means of payment.

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Cryptocurrency payment services

We give you access to our infrastructure so you can process payments without having to use the services of international payment systems.

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Cryptocurrency and token owners

It is now easier, quicker and cheaper to pay for goods and services with a cryptocurrency.

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Retail companies and stores that want to accept cryptocurrencies

Joys Digital allows retail companies to accept and only work with fiat currencies (such as the ruble) while also allowing their clients to make payments in cryptocurrencies.

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The existing problems
of cryptocurrency payment solutions

In most countries today making purchases with cryptocurrencies is illegal.

A lot of the existing solutions have various constraints on the use of cryptocurrencies in retail: low bandwidth, lack of automatic tracking of sales and payments
New infrastructure is needed: new POS terminals and cash registers need to be purchased or special cards need to be issued
When cryptocurrencies are accepted as payment the law of most countries is violated

The solution from Joys Digital

POS solutions

Joys Digital is embedded in cash register software and gets installed when you get the new update

Full integration
with accounting systems

Payments through Joys Digital are processed as part of the standard business process that both the accountant and cashier, including the printing out of a receipt and the recording of the sale

All payments
are legal

Cryptocurrencies are exchanged in a jurisdiction where it is legal under the local law while in the country of the party receiving the payment all transactions are conducted only in currencies that are legal in that jurisdiction

The mechanics of the payment service

How do you pay with the Joys application in a store?

Benefits of our payment service

For partners

Joys gives crypto-assets and project tokens a new quality, turning them into a means for making payments for purchases. This increases the liquidity of the crypto-assets. The classic financial institutions that process retail payments made in different ways can join the blockchain economy without having to make any investments or having to acquire any new technologies. With Joys cryptocurrency payments can be processed in full legal compliance with all the laws and requirements of state regulators.

The Joys payment service offers a solution for clients with financial instruments based on crypto-assets. We cooperate with payment services and remittance companies, loyalty systems and other companies.

We are ready to consider all cooperation options as long as they don't violate the laws of the country where the service is provided. Send your offer to the following address , and we will review it immediately.

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For retail companies

The Joys payment service allows retailers to use crypto assets to accept payments from customers in a completely legal manner.

Using the Joys Digital payment services allows stores to get new customers. A retail company can offer new ways to make payments for goods and services to their costumes, including crypto-assets, cryptocurrencies, tokens, while receiving payments into its account in a fiat currency (for example rubles).

Joys integrates with POS systems of stores ensuring that the standard business process of sales remains unchanged. This means that no additional devices need to be installed next to the cash register.

The range of payments can be greatly expanded. By connecting to the Joys payment service you can start accepting cryptocurrencies immediately. We only operate legally, we ensure that the stores connected to our system receive all payments in their bank accounts.

Getting connected is easy

For customers

Joys is your cryptocurrency wallet where you can keep track of your cryptocurrency assets, tokens and accounts in fiat currencies. You get one wallet where you can keep track of various blockchain accounts as well as bank accounts. This means that managing your money, paying for goods and services becomes a breeze. You can make fast and secure payments for goods and services using whatever assets you have as well as transfer funds from one type of asset into another. You can get information about your balance at any moment for any asset and then make a payment.

Joys payment service makes products and service acquisition easier, faster and cheaper for cryptocurrency and token owners.

Turn your digital money into real goods and services with Joys.

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