Joys module is available for use in the following cash register software and online shopping platforms

Please check that a software of your POS is compatible with Joys Digital.

Кассовое ПО 1C
Кассовое ПО 1C-РАРУС
Кассовое ПО iiko
Кассовое ПО R-keeper
Кассовое ПО ЭВОТОР
Кассовое ПО InSales

If you found a software of your POS on this list then go to Terminal activation

Software of your POS is not on list?

You can use a Joys Terminal application for iOS and Android to accept Joys Digital payment without a modification of your POS software.

Open API

We publicated API for give you a posobility to create your own API client (such unic as your busines is)

Terminal activation

Time needed is 1 - 5 min

Few steps for activate your terminal

  1. Log in to Merchant office Joys 3 sec
  2. Choose a terminal number 1 min
  3. Show and copy terminal number (via QR code or Copy button) 2 sec
  4. Put the terminal number in the special field on your POS software (terminal activation screen) from 2 sec to 2 min
  5. Push "Activate" 2 sec
  6. Validate a terminal activation in Merchant Office Joys (sometimes page refresh is needed) 2 sec Terminal is active. So is done, you can accept Joys Digital payment.

Any questions?

Please ask us in Merchant Office Joys we will reply.