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Is an international payment service that makes money from processing payments for goods and services in national currencies and cryptocurrencies, from converting cryptocurrencies, from creating alternative payment systems and services at any scale from in-house corporate services to interntaional systems.

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Joys allows you to make payments in national and foreign currencies, as well as use liquid digital financial assets: utilitarian and/or secured tokens and cryptocurrencies.

May 7, 2020

Joys is a strategic partner of the National competition of innovative projects of the Business incubator of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

With the «Joys» support, the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Business incubator announced a National competition for innovative projects in 2020. Our company provides expertise and prizes for the finalists and winners of the Competition. 
The competition of innovative projects is aimed at stimulating the creation and development of small businesses, the introduction of theoretical developments in practice, and increasing the employment of young professionals. The competition is oriented for schoolchildren, teachers, students, postgraduates, scientists and specialists of various professions, young entrepreneurs and developers.
Friends, if you have an interesting project, you can read the rules of the competition and apply here. The application deadline is May 22, 2020.

May 4, 2020


The new issue of the monthly digest is already available here! In it, we will tell you about the company's main news for the April.
After the pandemic was announced, a lot has changed: the whole world began to work remotely, conferences and events were rescheduled or canceled, restaurants and gyms were closed, and the business went online.
The Joys team is ready for this scenario, since from the first day of the project's existence, many employees initially worked from home.
But the main thing is not where you work, but what you show the result. And we are pleased to share the latest project news with you right now!

April 30, 2020

Win with Joys and World of Tanks

Joys is a sponsor of the Kursk «World of Tanks» online championship, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory, which is held by the Kursk branch of the Russian computer sports Federation and the Department of youth policy, physical culture and sports of the city of Kursk.
The tournament will be held from 8 to 10 May. You can register and learn more about the tournament here.

Tournament prize pool (per team):
– I place – 9000 JOYS
– II place – 6000 JOYS
– III place — 3000 JOYS
– 275 JOYS for each participant (18+)*

*To get 275 JOYS:
1. Join the Joys group in Telegram
2. Download the Joys Wallet app for free
3. Enter the promo code «VICTORY»** before starting registration
4. Verify (successfully pass the KYC and UPRID procedures)
5. Get 275 JOYS to your wallet!
* The promo code is valid until May 9, 2020.
You can spend the received JOYS in partner stores. List of stores.
Prove what you can do! Win with Joys!

April 27, 2020

Joys Digital in Ufa! A Halal cafe-canteen «Radost Est» has joined the service

On April 27, Dmitry Nachev, the representative of Joys in the Ufa district, connected the cafe «Radost Est». The cafe offers its visitors high-quality and healthy food prepared from fresh and natural Halal products. Every visitor can watch the entire cooking process in the open kitchen. You can see the receipt of first purchase using the Joys service here.
Detailed information about the cafe and address can be found in the «Stores» section in the Joys Wallet app.

April 22, 2020

Transition to Istanbul hard fork - in early May

On the bootnodes of the JOYS network the Istanbul’s hard fork is initiated, it will occur in block #4940000 (approximately on May 2, 2020).
Joys Wallet users do not need to do anything.
A new version (v.9) with hard fork support has been published for Reticule users.
Miners in the official pool – do not need to do anything.
Miners in other pools will need to notify their owners about the upcoming hard fork.
For pool owners – Dockerfile updated.

Let's remind you about the key changes of the hard fork:
- Higher speed: in terms of transaction speed (TPS).
- Cheaper: lower Gas prices.
- Higher security: better resistance to DDOS attacks.
- Increased stability: increased bandwidth means a more stable network.

April 17, 2020

Couriers and payments with Joys Digital. How to teach a courier service to accept cryptocurrencies as payment

Anna Genergart, who holds the position of Director of Software Integration at Joys, describes in detail the process of accepting payments in cryptocurrency in her article. Anna shares her knowledge of how to set up the Joys payment type, as well as how to work with the Joys Terminal Mobile app. The article also describes possible difficulties when issuing an invoice and the necessary actions if the invoice was issued incorrectly.
You can read the full version of the article here.