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Reticule Joys

Reticule Joys Alpha version for Windows and for MacOS is a free application designed for users and miners of the Joys network.

It includes several tools for mining in the Joys network with minimal settings:

free Ethereum application for Joys network

free Ethereum wallet application

free application for mining with video cards

shareware application for mining with video cards

free application for mining with video cards or a processor

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Application functionality

Joys wallet, creating wallets, sending and receiving JOYS from wallet to wallet

Backing up private keys

Displaying pool statistics

CPU and/or GPU solo mining
CPU and/or GPU mining in a pool

Displaying a list of transactions

Working with Joys settlement wallets

Online wallet JOYS

A web application that helps you get access through the browser to the JOYS stored in your computer.

In this case, the user does not risk his JOYS, since they are not transferred to storage for a third-party resource. Also, all private keys are stored only on the user's side.

Online wallet JOYS allows to:

  • Create a new account by generating a new key;
  • Add already existing private keys to the wallet;
  • View the balance sheet status of JOYS;
  • Send JOYS to another wallet.

The peculiarity of such a Wallet is that the user completely controls his account, as he is responsible for storing the keys - if you do not save them well enough, you will simply lose your JOYS. Therefore the process of registration and subsequent use of the Online JOYS wallet should be seriously taken into consideration with full responsibility.


Monitoring of network Joys

Site for monitoring the Joys network. Allows you to view network statistics, such as complexity, hashrate, average block time, nodes voluntarily connected to monitoring, etc.


Mining pool of the Joys network

The website of the official pool for mining in the Joys network. Describes the rules of the pool, displays the statistics of mining in the pool and of payments to pool participants


Joys Block Explorer

A site for viewing Joys network blocks, wallets and transactions. Also displays the overall network statistics by complexity and average block calculation time.


Joys – Technical documentation for Joys API v1.5

The technical documentation describes the business processes provided for by the functional characteristics of Joys API.

API Joys v1.5

Customer's account. User's Manual